Nigeria culture is not worthy a tomato can

The Nigerian government had recently banned the import of tomato in the country in order to protect the local nascent industry.   The logic behind the decision is that without the state protection the foreign tomato (heavily subsidized) would crush and destroy Nigerian industry.   Good.   What about Nigeria culture and languages which are also under the same threats by alien culture and languages?  

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Aristotle and the Egyptian Books

Aristotle, the highest rated philosopher in European history, was adviser to Alexander the Great, and travelled with him to Egypt – when it was conquered – where he ‘picked up” many books.   He became the guy with most books in ancient Greece with his personal library, but most were from Egypt biggest library of the time.  

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Benin City Streets Lamps

Benin city “street lamps” and “hand lamps” – 12/16 century (illustrations from Ling Roth’s book, Great Benin).

Benin city was one of the very early civilization to have street lamps and individual hand lamps to move at night.

The street and hand lamps were richly decorated, and artistically sophisticated, well, well read more

Things you learn only from the elders.

If a couple first child is a boy, it means the man was the one who was the most in love, and wanted to be in the couple first.   If a couple first child is a girl, it means the woman was the one who was the most in love, and wanted the most to be in the couple.   This also predict very well, who is likely to be the person asking for divorce.   If the first child is a boy, the man is likely to be the first person to go away.  

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Poverty is Political

Poverty is political. It’s not a technical problem, nor a mental disease to be cured.   The poor don’t lack electricity because electricity technology does not exist, and the know-how to bring it to them unavailable.  

The poor don’t lack clean water because clean water technologies do not exist, and read more

Take me, Take me, I'm Tired

The truth is that 90+% of women marry men who are only their despair choice.   Barely 10% of men qualify as the first choice of women.   If you are man, you’d probably be living with a woman who just had settled.   Lot of tragedy in relationship comes from that mismatch.   Hollywood and Disney idealized men types had messed things up a lot.

Free Advice from Stupid people

Those who give free advice to others are unlikely to take advice from anyone.   Usually they are stupid people with very little self awareness.   They are mind spammers.   Sadly, the world belong to stupid people. Wherever I go, they rule. Their self assurance and bold unbacked statement attract them crowds.  

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