Weak people fear negative emotions

There is nothing wrong with negative emotions. Like the ying and yang, the positive and negative of electricity, negative emotions are rightful part of human experience.

Weak people often lack inner fortitude to handle all the spectrum of human experience and Cowardly take refuge in feel good prisons !

The new age Literature drunken folks are usually bottom tier hustlers, Prisoners of ‘be positive‘ commandment!

The greatest psychological weakness of Africans is their inability to stand criticism, opposition without losing temper and acting in ways that distract them from their strategic goals.

Cultural reasons might explain that high sensitivity to criticism, opposition or confrontation, and bad jokes. It’s easy to destabilize an African and detract him: Just hit him with a well-aimed blow of criticism, and you’d reduce him into predictable behaviors detrimental to his goals and growth.

For people aspiring to be ruler, that’s very bad character trait. You kids should learn early in life to cope with opposition, criticism, confrontation while keeping face, keeping eyes on their strategic intent, and going over emotions that might detract or distract.
You don’t choose your opposition nor people you’d be dealing with, therefore persistent self-leadership under stress and high emotion, is a paramount skill to have.… Read more

A Continent for the Taking

There are currently two weak continents for the taking: Europe and Africa.

Men on these two continents became so weak and passive that scavengers and barbarians are already on their soils, and many more at their gates.

A friend of mine told me recently, “I’m afraid for Africa”.

She is a white female European. She speaks very little, but she knows so much about the untold plans regarding the continent.

Anyone with any sense of survival, would agree with her statement.

Me too, I’m afraid for Africa.

For the Europeans, the Indians, the Chinese, the Lebanese, the Jews, etc, Africa is a continent for the taking.

They literally want to take the continent, make it their own conquered territory, preferably without the Africans themselves. Just their plans to do so are different.

They know that it’s possible to take over a continent, kill the locals, import their own surplus population, and run the place.

Five centuries ago, there were no single white person in America. Today the whole continent belongs to Europe, and is ran by the descendants of Europeans. The locals had vanished from history, by millions.

What happened in America, could happen again, but this time Africa is the target: a weak continent, with weak men, easily corruptible.… Read more

How do you catch a black thief in Zimbabwe?

You can’t, because everyone is black on the streets!

I hate the trend of pushing the black identity into Africa.

Let that loose identity stay with the people in the diaspora.

I literally would hate anyone calling me black. I don’t want a color identity derived from the white racist ideology.

I’m Adja from Tado, African, … Adja is my tribal identity with customs and culture that I identify with.

If someone steals your iPhone in Harare and You go to the police station and said ‘a black guy stole my iPhone’, well, You’d look stupid and be laughed at.

Chinese are not yellow, Indians are not red, Spanish Are not white.. they have a real identity.

Black identity is now a kind of trash identity where everyone without a Normal identity is thrown, From Rachel Dolezal to Kamala Harris, from Barack Obama to Louis Farrakhan !… Read more

Bugs in your Mind

There are a lot of known bugs in human body and psyche.

Some of these bugs could be patched by humans themselves, but many could be fixed only by the designer of humans. Unfortunately, we don’t know the designer home address, and there is no suggestions box to report those bugs.

However, knowing these bugs is very important, because human hackers could easily use them to exploit you or take advantage of you.

Billions of dollars had been spent to discover bugs in computers in order to be able to spy on you, and on foreign countries and citizens.

What most people don’t know is that much more money is spent every year for discovering or implanting bugs in human body and mind in order to be able to remotely control them, or take advantage of them.

A sales woman was always top seller in a shoes shop. Her secret is simple. When she is helping men try their shoes, she would knee close and face up the client and ask “How do you like it?”

Most men would get out of the shop with new shoes. Some return to the shop just to try shoes. 🙂

A 38 years old man in Lome has a lot of friends.… Read more

Abstraction for Dogs

(How to explain abstraction to a dog… If it doesn’t work, try this on a human)

“Do you know what is a dog?”

“Of course, I know a dog. What a stupid question!?”

“What comes to your mind when you think about a dog?”

“A beautiful labrador, in a green field”, she replied.

“Well… But all dogs are not labrador!?”

“There are of course a lot different dogs. I can not think about all of them at once.”

“Well… So *a* dog does not exist!?”

“Don’t bug my mind, dogs exist. We have one at home.”

“Well, I’m now going out to look for a dog which represents all dogs”

“You are crazy. Dogs don’t elect a representative. They have no Parliament. So how one could represent all dogs from all countries and all species”.

“OK, OK, you got me. Dogs representative is only in the dictionary. I’d like to meet the author of the dictionary, may he has met the dogs’ representative a long time before we were born.”

“You are wasting your time. Let’s go have sex. It’d be more fun.”

I accepted the proposal.

(Philosophical Promenade, by the Oracle of Tado).

Like Nietzsche put it, abstraction gives the illusion of knowledge but stands for simplification of reality with the purpose of control and power.… Read more

Slave Names and Christian Names in Africa

Few centuries ago, when European terrorists capture people in Africa to sell into slavery in Europe or America, they mark their skin with hot iron, either to claim ownership or distinguish them from others.

Later on the way, the process evolved to making ID cards for the slaves and their families with the name of the owners. From that moment, the slaves carry the European terrorists names.

When slavery was transferred to African soil with a nicer name ‘colonisation’, the European terrorists introduced the same rite of naming conquered and colonised Africans with European names.

Suddenly Africans now have very awkward, ugly and bad sounding names like Victor, Étienne, James, Jennifer, Humphrey, etc. It was very funny to hear an African president presented himself as ‘Jonathan Goodluck’

Some Africans continue to carry their slave marks or colonized status when they have such names.

The Catholic church went further to force all converts to colonial religion Christianity to take a slave master name, called Christian names.

The new hot iron on your skin is your slave or colonial name.

Tough Africans fought hard to end physical slavery and Colonisation, they still have to wish to end the mental slavery and colonisation.

I visited a cemetery this morning, even in the graves some Africans are still marked with their slavery names.… Read more

Don’t protest, Make a Coup

The best route to a revolution is a putsch or a coup.

The revolution is done in the name of the people but their involvement is neither required nor desired.

One night or a few days are enough to overthrow incumbents.

How to do a putsch or a coup should be the focus of the education and brainstorming of activists.

The second best revolution route is insurrection.

This route requires however a broad and active involvement of the people. Blood, guns, forces, lot of money are required over weeks and months for little success to be expected. May Danton inspires you.

The worst route to revolution is Marching, petitioning, demonstrations, blogging and tweeting.

This route is only good for reformists, and feel good activists sponsored by Rockefeller foundation.

There is no Democratic revolution through winning elections.

Insurrection success is very unlikely in Africa. Putsches and Coups still are the best way to go.

When life is tough, people crave entertainment, religion, and feel good activists prosper with tweeting lamentations, and blogging future hope.… Read more

Africa in the Short Term

The short term future of Africa is bleak.

We got the choice between building an egalitarian society or a class society.

We rejected the egalitarian model and chose the class society instead.

The current lullaby of Africa rising is in fact the emergence of a despicable class society where a minority is taking home all the fruit of the economical growth.

For the poor, democracy and modernization of public life mean exclusion, predation, injustice and insults.

The only road left to the poor is either alienation in religion or insurrection.

Africa is pregnant of violent coups to come.… Read more

Guillotine and political progress

The sight of the guillotine is the beginning of wisdom for the ruler.

No, no, no. The fear of the guillotine is the beginning of good leadership.

Progress started and justice improved in Europe when European people started chopping the head of their kings and misrulers.

Guillotine and pitchforks improve leadership skills faster than petitions and demonstrations.

I think the same is needed in Africa to see progress and justice.

Any leader betraying the people and leaving them in misery should have his head chopped and paraded for inspiration to others.

Our leaders need education, the only one that works.… Read more

Behead the corrupt politicians

I don’t know what the people of Mali are waiting for to behead in public the corrupt politicians!?

At least 3 public officers and politicians should be hanged every month for corruption,

5 police and military officers executed by firing squad every month for corruption,

For at least 10 years,

To end corruption in Africa. At least to curb it .

Without death sentence, corruption would not end here but continue to destroy our countries.

Corruption in countries like Ghana is killing thousands of people every year. In Nigeria it’s killing at least one million person a year.

Don’t come talk to me about human right for criminals whose actions are killing millions of Africans.

Without a war on corruption and daily public execution of corrupted officials, our continent has no future.

Corruption is killing us. Let kill the corrupted.

The hanged men should be left to the view of the public for 3 days, and the bodies fed to birds and crocodiles. The execution should be public where all Local public Servants have to attend.

Let’s kill the killers, and fuck the outcries!… Read more