Could We?

Almost all of my friends, highly educated, competent and skillful, work for white people businesses or organizations. They are also almost all Panafricanists. They are on the payroll of foreign organizations, and serve their interests, mostly for taming Africa. They choose to be either employees or minority associate in foreigners businesses or organizations. One even […]

OhanaAfrica: Fintech for Group

Ohana is a new fintech app but focused on groups, made by africans for African with africans. Money Pooling circles are common across Africa and are known by many different names. In Mali and Senegal, they’re called ‘Tontines’. In Nigeria, they’re commonly referred to as ‘Ajo’s’, ‘Esusu’s’ or ‘Adaji’s’. In South Africa, they go by […]

SOS, Help me find Ali Dogo, a crook, a thief, a scammer who stole our money and disappeared

I have this ugly situation going and I need help from my friends from Belgium and Germany.  I need help from anyone who could help. I ordered some batteries from Germany, through a Cameroonian recommended to me by my shipping company.  Unfortunately once the Cameroonian received the money he disappeared with the 1400 euros and […]