Cultural Traps for Women

I know very capable girls, intelligent, competent, skillful, who could thrive in life without compromise but unfortunately turn to trading sex for opportunities or money, when they are in dire conditions.

The very presence of the idea that the only way out of their predicament is approaching men and being ready to trade sex for opportunities is something very female indeed. It’s cultural and it’s a big mental trap to women.

When a man finds himself in similar condition, he is culturally conditioned to think that he is the only solution to his predicament. He won’t think about starting offering himself as sexual entertainment for women to get favors, or to get out of his situation. Such idea won”t even cross his mind, because men have not been conditioned to think like that.

The social conditioning of women to think or believe that men could save them if offered sex trade, is detrimental to women ability to use all their potential. Their conditioning makes them fall for the easiest path of trading sex for favors or opportunities, even when there is no real need to do so to overcome the challenge in front of them.

I’m witnessing every day very capable women choosing the easy path of sexual trade to alleviate their suffering, instead of dusting themselves off and closing themselves to the idea of ‘savior men’.

In history, there are a few testimonies about commanders burning their ships in order to instill the idea of “win or die” in their troops.

For African believing that serving the white man is their only way out, and for all the women who still think trading sex for opportunities is their only way out, I’m here to tell you, “a man or a woman who is ready to burn his or her ships and go for their prize, get more rewards and opportunities than the man or woman who choose the path of compromising their dignity and by giving up on themselves”.

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