Newton second law of motion

You call it a mass. Or the masses. A mass is a mass, regardless of what it’s made of.

In physics, a mass is defined by the inertia (resistance) it opposes to anything trying to move it. The bigger the mass, the more inertia and more opposition to any change.

The most simple definition is mass is that which opposed to movement unless an external forces sufficiently is applied to it.

According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion (force equals mass times acceleration) a mass moves only and if only the amount of force applied to it is superior to its inertia.

This law also applies to the mass defined as a big group of people. To move the mass you need a lot of force.

If you don’t have the necessary force to move a big mass. Try to move smaller masses.

Physical force is the most effective. Emotional and intellectual forces are tools to get to physical force.

Why am I writing this?

Just to say the African proverb ‘if you see a monkey swallowing a coconut it’s because she knows the size of her anus’.

Even a friend doesn’t peel a banana before giving to a friend. Kids as 2 years refuse that their mom banana for them.… Read more

My audience has outgrown my message

There is a time for everything. That is very much truth for activism as well.

My usual audience of 25+ young metropolitan on the continent and in the diaspora has now passed 30+ and most have to deal with adulthood challenges and dreams.

The age of lofty dreams for justice and peace for all, anti establishment and anti imperialism has given its place to the dream of raising a family, building or buying a beautiful house, investing, and more interesting the desire to join the establishment leaving behind years of struggle and frustration with money and power.

Message of changing the world are still sweet to their ears but more as nostalgia than a live call to action, they would respond to.

Like Frantz Fanon put it ‘Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it.’

Most of my audience discovered their mission, but have to silently betray it, because of society, and its imperative of respectability at some age.

Messages of change had rightfully slowly become an irritating noise to most, and they wish to kill the mocking bird.

They indulge into conspiracy theories that discharge them of responsibility or make any wish of change as an impossible mission.… Read more

My 2021 Symbol

My main goal for next is to abstract myself. Fictionalize myself and my work.

I choose Albatross to be my next year symbol.

On my large wings, I’d travel as far as possible, leaving behind typicality and rationality, attracted to unformed clouds, floating above ethereal winds destined to carry me away to no destination, hunting an unborn word.

From nowhere I’d bring a word that would awaken the dead, give sight to the blinds, open the ears of the deaf.

I’ll receive the word, and the word would inhabit me, and with the word I’ll work.

We live in the word. But, the ancient word has lost its magic, and the people are orphan to mystery while the kids are dreamless.

A new word is in gestation seeking a womb to upcome.

May the word become.
May the albatross fulfill its mission.

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Baby Steps

There are some people who wish to take over a country but could not maneuver to taker over their own party or the company where they are employed.

Those who wish for grandiose destiny might demonstrate it at much smaller scales.

Splitting, going my own way, are the route of those who are unlikely to build any huge momentum.

The motto is : Hijack something big, plot to take over, use its ressources for what ever you believe in.

Starting another small party, another small association is good, but taking over big existing institutions is much much better!

You canNot easily start a new country. You have to take over one. Believe me, it’s almost the same for most things in life nowadays.

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The tyranny of silence

Some say the poor are noisy.
They go live far away from noise.
Some say the poor speak loudly
They scold them for lack of manners
Some say the poor are splashy
They adorn immoderate sophistication

Yes the poor are noisy
A hunted prey scream when cornered
A man suffering would shout
A woman in pain would cry
A child in distress would whine

Isn’t that natural?

Noise is the infant of suffering
Tears are the canal of pain
Ugliness is the painting of poverty
Dirt is the face of hidden depression
Splashing around is a homelessness syndrome

The rich man wants silence
The law forbids noise
The police hunt down the noisemakers

Suffer in silence is the new rule
Don’t you know the rich are scared by noise?
Don’t you know noise spells revolution?
Who wants a revolution?

Such a peaceful city.
Such a calm town
Heralds the tourists guide book
Everything is clean and orderly
Such a pleasure!

Behind the walls of the calm city
Loneliness and depression prospers
Tears flow inward
Suffering has been privatized

If you have to suffer, suffer in silence
Don’t bother the world with your problems
Irresponsible and childish people!
If you can’t suffer in silence, hang yourself or take Prozac!… Read more

Indirect competition and the nice guy syndrome

Most people look nice and civilized only because they are not confronted by a direct competition. They never know directly the people they are competing with.

Humans quickly return to a jungle status once they know the people competing with them for the same things.

You are looking for a job. You are in competition with hundreds if not thousands of people but you don’t know them.

If people would know these people, they might try to harm them in a way or another, like steal their resume, badmouth them, poison them, etc.

You are interested in a beautiful girl. You are in competition with tens of other males, but you don’t know them directly.

Often, when men would discover their competitors, they would become hateful and in some cases they’d try hurt them including killing.

Often than not, Nice people would turn ugly when they know the people they are in competition with.

Show a man, the guy courting his wife. Show a woman, the lady taking money from her husband. Show a job candidate, the lucky guy who is up to grab the position he applied for.

See how nice couple turn ugly when they have to separate or divorce, competing for some assets.… Read more

The seagulls and the monkeys

There a two kinds of activists: the seagulls and the monkeys.

The seagulls are bad activists.
The monkeys are the good activists.

The seagulls fly over shit on the boats and then fly away, while expecting the boats to give them some fish.

The monkeys fake submission, keep reading the situation, and once the tyrannical alpha male seem weak, they beat him up and eventually kill him and take power.

The seagulls feel superior flying high with morals and big words, and shit on everything.
They achieve nothing more than moral highness and noise. On the way, the seagulls often forget why they are doing what they do, and got addicted to shiting on people and things and the feel good they derive from it.

The monkeys are head down, careful and calculating, in ambush to seize any opportunity to take power. They know that the goal is taking power. They never confuse the means with the purpose. They would lick the balls of the alpha male if that would help them achieve their goal. They would make noise but only to confuse and divide the other party.

Are you a seagull or a monkey!?

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Activism without advocacy is entertainment

An African from the Diaspora wrote on her Facebook wall ‘Black people are sold as slave in Lybia and the World is doing nothing’.

I told her, ‘We are the world.

Did you write to your senator?

Did write to your congressman?

Did you go to your pastor, imam, or priest to ask what is he doing?

Did you write to the United nations secretary general?

Did you call few friends to a gathering to think about what you can do?

Did you petition your government for action?

Did you walk into the building of a human right association and threatened not to leave unless something is done?

We are the world.
We are not powerless.

We are probably too passive and insensitive, reducing all our actions to a Facebook post.

Activism without advocacy is entertainment, and value posturing!

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European caste system

Don’t call it racism. Call it European caste system. Like in India.

There is nothing scientific about race.

If race was a uniting factor, Europeans shouldn’t be slaughtering each other in the millions every other generation.

What most don’t know is that Europeans have killed each other more than they have killed any other populations.

If race would be uniting factor, Africans won’t be killing each in the millions and the African Americans won’t be killing each other that much.

If race was a uniting factor Arabs won’t be killing each other so much, praying the same God inside the same religion.

If race was a uniting factor Chinese won’t have killed each other so much during the cultural revolution.

We need to stop the illusion of a skin color or race uniting Africans. It won’t happen but would deserve us.

People respond to better incentives than race or skin color. We need new ways of directing our efforts.

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African Activism Dead Ends

We’d be soon in 2021, and a lot of Africans still think Europeans enslaved, colonized them, and keep fucking them because they are black or because of their skin color.

That’s pure stupidness and ignorance. That’s a lie. That’s false to say and think.

Africans are not colonized because their skin is black. They are because they colonisables. They are because they are weak. They are because they easy to manipulate.

Japanese colonized China not because of their skin color, but because at the time Chinese were weak.

The mongols colonized the Russians not because of their skin color but because at the time the mongols were stronger and the Russians were weaker.

Cortez conquered Mexico not because of the Indians skin color but because his men were stronger and strategized better than the Indians.

Of course saying we were enslaved and colonized because we were weak and unprepared put the full responsibility of our plight on us. It means our situation is limited to historical circumstances and it’s our responsibility to reverse that.

However thinking that our plight is due to our skin color lift the responsibility from us to something outside of our control: our skin color.

As we cannot change our skin color this mean our domination is permanent, a fate or god will.… Read more