Colonial lexicon: “a small African country”

A few year ago, I started a successful media campaign that helped eliminate the habit of white journalists to append the phrase ‘former colony of …’ to African countries name in their articles.

The practice was, for example, to say “Nigeria, a former British colony” in any of their article, even if the article has nothing to do with Nigeria history.

Now has come the time to eliminate another colonial lexicon: the habit of appending “a small African country” to African countries mention.

In the image below, you’d see how a white journalist appended “a small african country” to Ghana regardless of the fact that the topic of the article was about sickle cell, and got nothing to do with countries comparative size in the world. Diminishing Ghana in that way was very much needed because African countries could only be small, or former colony.

You won’t see the white journalists doing the same for Belgium, a micro country in Europe, for Great Britain, a small european island, smaller than Gabon in Africa, or France a small country in Europe 3 times smaller than the Congo, or a country smaller than Texas.

For the white europeans, it’s only their countries which are great, and everyone else should be constantly diminished, insulted in a way or another for them to feel good.… Read more

A book that saved the world

In August 1962, the young 45 years old American President Kennedy was on vacation reading a book that would literary save the world from nuclear war two months later.

The book is ‘Guns of August’. The main story of the book is how European leaders at the beginning of the 20th century sleep walked into the most deadly war of the time, Great War, without anyone of them really wiling to go to war.

After reading that book, Kennedy vowed never take any easy decision to start a war by falling like the Europeans leaders of world war 1.

Two months later the Cuban missile crisis started. Kennedy opposed most its war cabinet decisions, and chose a path of resistance to krouchtchev without triggering what would be a nuclear war. He refused to listen the generals and leverage schelling Rand corporations game theories to outsmart the soviets.

He kept reminding himself about the pitfalls of the guns of August.

It’s often that in business or personal level we sleep walk into jobs, carriers, couple, relationships without really being mindful of ourselves and our bigger goals.

The guns of August must be a good read for people curious about human fallibility in big historic events and how to be more aware and more purposeful.… Read more

Hot Season Hot Things

Slowly the hot season is coming
October opens the flowers season
All plants have to mate
All have to spread and bury seeds
All compete for the butterfly
The bees are buzzy amassing food
Ants are refilling their stock
The northern birds are coming soon
Men would soon go hunting.

Just before all die, it’s time for a last party
A giant party, sexting, courting, mating
Beauty is the secret, wind is the taxi man

All dressed at the utmost
Makeups are gorgeous
Extravagance has no limit, it’s the dress code
No time to foresee the rising sun in the ever clear sky
Taking the rainy clouds into 6 months prison
Fire in ambush, impatient to devour

Death has planned the whole party
She knows well how all this would end
She will kill them all, ending the pagan party

It takes death coming to make life so beautiful
No time to wait, it is a death party
A last party before the dry season
Those who’d enjoy it the most ,
Those would have a second chance
They will be at next year party.

Enjoying is the purpose.

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Newton second law of motion

You call it a mass. Or the masses. A mass is a mass, regardless of what it’s made of.

In physics, a mass is defined by the inertia (resistance) it opposes to anything trying to move it. The bigger the mass, the more inertia and more opposition to any change.

The most simple definition is mass is that which opposed to movement unless an external forces sufficiently is applied to it.

According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion (force equals mass times acceleration) a mass moves only and if only the amount of force applied to it is superior to its inertia.

This law also applies to the mass defined as a big group of people. To move the mass you need a lot of force.

If you don’t have the necessary force to move a big mass. Try to move smaller masses.

Physical force is the most effective. Emotional and intellectual forces are tools to get to physical force.

Why am I writing this?

Just to say the African proverb ‘if you see a monkey swallowing a coconut it’s because she knows the size of her anus’.

Even a friend doesn’t peel a banana before giving to a friend. Kids as 2 years refuse that their mom banana for them.… Read more

Vanity is more important than money

African music has been ‘completely’ decolonized without any other incentive than fame and recognition.

African musicians revolutionized African music not because of expectation of monetary reward. Their motivation is mainly self expression, talent showcase, recognition and fame. They love what they do, and they just want to do it, even if they have to sell their house or suffer in misery.

From Johannesburg to Dakar, foreign music has gone extinct in Africa. Not because foreign music is not good but because the local music is good that there is not time to listen to American, European or Arab music.

Countries like China or Germany have similar market for engineering. Engineers there are not first motivated by money, but expression, demonstration of talent, recognition by peers, awards. It’s a honorable title to be engineer or a scientist.

America and Northern Europe have a similar market for software engineers who by thousands spends billions of hours to github their talents or join open sources endeavors to demonstrate talents, values, and showcase creativity and ingenuity.

It’s fascinating to observe how such creative and engineering markets sprout, but more importantly how they could be stimulated for good in the world.

Money is not everything. And the best things are not created by people motivated by money.… Read more

You need to be insulted

Here is a guy named Phyllis. All students in finance studying options have heard about the guy. According to finance historians, he invented options as first recorded in the books.

According to Aristotle, the guy was a philosopher doing what all philosophers do: think and write or speak. Phyllis family was very much disappointed in him as spending his beautiful mind thinking about abstract and stupid ideas instead of making money and living an aristocratic life.

Insults after insultes pissed off Phyllis who wanted to give his family a lesson. He decided to make a lot of money.

Long before the olive got reap, while the season of olive oil was dead, Phyllis went around town to rent all olive pressing machines for a few months paying the owners money for idle machines. Of course he paid little because it was the dead season.

People saw again in the act of Phyllis another stupidness only philosophers are endowed with. Remember we are 400bce.
Phyllis was mocked.

Well until the olive harvest and pressing period kicked in, when farmers discovered that the only person who had olive machines to rent in town was Phyllis.

He made a lot of money in the process and went back to philosophy financially independent.… Read more

Sex for women liberation

Togo is a very primitive country. The education, health, roads, values system are all very primitive compared to any modern standard.

If you want to live in a modern country, Togo is not definitely the place to come. Still it’s my country.

This post is about how millions of women are forced by poverty, and also by easy gain to trade sex for success and in some case ‘liberation’.

Our prime minister is a woman. The president of the parliament is also a woman. And recent official data shows that unemployment affects less women than men, and reduction in poverty is higher for women than men. Boys started to complain about ‘girls advantage’.

I use to go a nice hotel in Lomé the capital. Because of the covid health crisis, the hotel dropped prices and entered the sexdrome business.

A sexdrome is often a hotel or hostel where people pay a fee for 1 hour stay to fuck each other.

This week I came to the place and I could not recognize it anymore. It’s overbooked and the success of overwhelming. The manager has never has such a bonanza!

The classic is a man taking a woman to have sex for a pay or a future promised advantage.… Read more


Friendship is a social insurance against life threats. We all need some kind of insurance. Reason why we almost all have friends, including psychopaths!

A friend would be there for you, when you are unable to help yourself. He is doing that because he loves you, but more important he is investing in the expectation of a similar empathy and solidarity from you when in similar situation.

Friendships break when one party feels the other failed to fulfill the subscribed insurance or thinks the other party is no more in capacity to help in case of need.

Don’t take it bad. Friendship is not free.

Reason why rich people are only friends with other rich people. Poor people could not be friend with rich people, unless the poor man has a wisdom the rich or powerful appreciate. Or they want a pet friend, like dogs are the best friend of humans, supposedly.

Is friendship unconditional?
In theory yes. In practice, no.
unspoken expectations like getting each other back than anyone else could do for us is often a condition.

Friendship could be based on:
– shared pleasure of doing similar things and expectations of keeping that pleasure going
– financial deals: success doing financial deals constantly and expectations to continue getting successful doing so
– emotional support trade: parties empathize and support each other so deeply and expectations that mutual peer support would continue
– intellectual alignment: we share same ideas and have lot of intellectual stimulation when around each other
– shared memory : we went through similar stories and have so much in common that we understand each other in ways that heal or delight us continually
– common enemy: we hate so much the same things or people that we feel good hating together, we hope continuing hating together
– bonded fate: our fate are so bonded that we have a ground to share and we wish to share the trip in peace or harmlessly.… Read more

healthy people are people with healthy teeth

Self love ❤️

People who really love themselves care about their teeth.

The most healthy people are people with healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth are the sign of a healthy person. Bad teeth health is sign of a person with lot issues.

The moment you see a person with a teeth problem, conclude that the person is going through a lot. He might be close to bathtub memories and haunting abyss. Depression must be hiding in between.

At first sign of a friend not caring about his teeth, immediately know that he is facing isolation or loneliness and teeth negligence is just a symptom.

From my experience never take bad teeth and mouth hygiene issues lightly.

A person ready to spend money on caring about his teeth is a conscientious and productive person with a balanced social life.

Those who are ready to spend lavishly on new clothes but not on their teeth are often people with financial issues.

Don’t neglect your teeth. Loneliness and isolation might hit you.

Self love ❤️ shines on your teeth!

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For men only: bounga bounga

Here is a secret from men with strong manly erection at 70! (From My old neighbor at 78 who still bang like at 20. I buy condoms for him).

Exercise when you feel tired already.
When you feel tired, go for a 5km walkout.
Or go to your nearby Gym.

That’s all.

Rest only when you feel good.

Don’t use any manly enhancement drug, unless you have a disease.

Exercising when tired make you look younger and more vigorous just after a week.

Don’t trust me on this. Try it and report here.

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