Vanity markets

Vanity is more important than money

African music has been ‘completely’ decolonized without any other incentive than fame and recognition.

African musicians revolutionized African music not because of expectation of monetary reward. Their motivation is mainly self expression, talent showcase, recognition and fame. They love what they do, and they just want to do it, even if they have to sell their house or suffer in misery.

From Johannesburg to Dakar, foreign music has gone extinct in Africa. Not because foreign music is not good but because the local music is good that there is not time to listen to American, European or Arab music.

Countries like China or Germany have similar market for engineering. Engineers there are not first motivated by money, but expression, demonstration of talent, recognition by peers, awards. It’s a honorable title to be engineer or a scientist.

America and Northern Europe have a similar market for software engineers who by thousands spends billions of hours to github their talents or join open sources endeavors to demonstrate talents, values, and showcase creativity and ingenuity.

It’s fascinating to observe how such creative and engineering markets sprout, but more importantly how they could be stimulated for good in the world.

Money is not everything. And the best things are not created by people motivated by money.… Read more

Vanity markets

Facebook is a vanity market. Reason why it’s so successful. Showing off long legs, beautiful houses, new hair styles, new clothes, wittiness, intelligence are sufficient motivations that have attracted and retained billions of people who spend countless hours on the platform showing off what ever they got without any other reward than collecting views and likes.

That’s how vain humans could be.

Vanity is the strongest human motivation above all.

Smart leaders, parents, design vanity markets to leverage human ingenuity and create paths to growth.

Electronic fair and shows are the vanity market for electronic engineers. Organized inside schools like in China, they spark unbeatable creativity and innovation from the youth and the olds.

Demo days are vanity markets for computers programmers and entrepreneurs who would give up school at prestigious universities to upstart something with the goal to put a dent in the universe.

Churches are popular among women because they are vanity market to show new dresses,, new car, wealthy spouse, dancing skills, or status.

Nobel Prize awards are the vanity markets for the smartest among humans.

Oscars, literature awards, … are very attractive and stimulating vanity markets for artists, writers, etc.

GDP and world status ranking are the vanity markets for nations and countries around the world.… Read more