Colonial lexicon: “a small African country”

A few year ago, I started a successful media campaign that helped eliminate the habit of white journalists to append the phrase ‘former colony of …’ to African countries name in their articles.

The practice was, for example, to say “Nigeria, a former British colony” in any of their article, even if the article has nothing to do with Nigeria history.

Now has come the time to eliminate another colonial lexicon: the habit of appending “a small African country” to African countries mention.

In the image below, you’d see how a white journalist appended “a small african country” to Ghana regardless of the fact that the topic of the article was about sickle cell, and got nothing to do with countries comparative size in the world. Diminishing Ghana in that way was very much needed because African countries could only be small, or former colony.

You won’t see the white journalists doing the same for Belgium, a micro country in Europe, for Great Britain, a small european island, smaller than Gabon in Africa, or France a small country in Europe 3 times smaller than the Congo, or a country smaller than Texas.

For the white europeans, it’s only their countries which are great, and everyone else should be constantly diminished, insulted in a way or another for them to feel good.… Read more

A book that saved the world

In August 1962, the young 45 years old American President Kennedy was on vacation reading a book that would literary save the world from nuclear war two months later.

The book is ‘Guns of August’. The main story of the book is how European leaders at the beginning of the 20th century sleep walked into the most deadly war of the time, Great War, without anyone of them really wiling to go to war.

After reading that book, Kennedy vowed never take any easy decision to start a war by falling like the Europeans leaders of world war 1.

Two months later the Cuban missile crisis started. Kennedy opposed most its war cabinet decisions, and chose a path of resistance to krouchtchev without triggering what would be a nuclear war. He refused to listen the generals and leverage schelling Rand corporations game theories to outsmart the soviets.

He kept reminding himself about the pitfalls of the guns of August.

It’s often that in business or personal level we sleep walk into jobs, carriers, couple, relationships without really being mindful of ourselves and our bigger goals.

The guns of August must be a good read for people curious about human fallibility in big historic events and how to be more aware and more purposeful.… Read more

Slavery Denialism in Africa

I’m happy more and more Africans are awakening to accept the truth about our own responsibilities in slavery in Africa and colonisation of Africa.

Acknowledging our ancestors weaknesses and crimes would be a huge step in healing the African trauma, the pervasive sense of irresponsibility, but more importantly to create space to teach future generation values we wish for.

Every time I’d post anything about the Ashanti and other African tribes proactive role in the transatlantic slave trade, the Akan people from current day Ghana would come to attack me with hate messages.

I’d like to share in the image below an excerpt from the book ‘Work of a woman, by former First Lady of Ghana, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, who acknowledges the historical facts.

The Ashanti most of the time would captured too many people through their never ending wars to sell to the white, but have to wait for months for the white ship to come back.

Fact is, it was not only the Ashanti. The Fon, the Igbo and many many tribes were willing and proactive participants in the slave trade.

With the Arabs, the Bambara, the Mossi, the Fulani, Haussa were huge Islamic slave traders.

Many nations have acknowledged their past crimes to upstart a healing process for the future.… Read more

Indirect competition and the nice guy syndrome

Most people look nice and civilized only because they are not confronted by a direct competition. They never know directly the people they are competing with.

Humans quickly return to a jungle status once they know the people competing with them for the same things.

You are looking for a job. You are in competition with hundreds if not thousands of people but you don’t know them.

If people would know these people, they might try to harm them in a way or another, like steal their resume, badmouth them, poison them, etc.

You are interested in a beautiful girl. You are in competition with tens of other males, but you don’t know them directly.

Often, when men would discover their competitors, they would become hateful and in some cases they’d try hurt them including killing.

Often than not, Nice people would turn ugly when they know the people they are in competition with.

Show a man, the guy courting his wife. Show a woman, the lady taking money from her husband. Show a job candidate, the lucky guy who is up to grab the position he applied for.

See how nice couple turn ugly when they have to separate or divorce, competing for some assets.… Read more

A Developed country and the others

A developed country is a country where foreigners are immigrants, are the poorest, are the exploited and mistreated ones.

A poor country is a country where foreigners have higher social status than the locals, are called expatriates, are wealthier, and date the nicest girls while exploiting the locals.

If you are poorer than foreigners in your country, your country is colonised.

If as a foreigner, you are richer than the locals, you are certainly part of a colonial enterprise, and happy helping colonize the locals.

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Fake Leadership … Now you know… why…

A farmer grows chickens. He noticed that three chickens were laying two or three times more eggs than all other chickens combined.

As a good old time farmer, he wondered how he could make all his chickens lays as more eggs as the top 3 stars.

He decided to isolated the top three chickens and breed them for an entire generation of golden, bolt, super egg layer chickens.

Surprise, surprise. After the farmer isolated the the top three chickens, he suddenly discovered that they were not laying anymore more eggs than the other chickens in the other area. And more troubling, he noticed that a dozen chickens in the other area are now laying more eggs than the top 3.

The farmers called in an ornithologist for explanation.

The ornithologist told the farmers that the top chickens were in fact beating up, pecking the other chickens and therefore stressing them too much. Stress in chickens cause them to lay less eggs.

Lesson learned: the top 3 chickens were not laying more eggs than the others. They were stressing to much the other chickens, causing them to lay less eggs.

That’s is a very interesting illustration of the Europeans relation to the world.… Read more

Population size and resilience

Europe lost in 6 years (1939-1945) almost 50 millions people, but barely felt the pain and rebounded in less than 10 years.

China lost in 4 years, 45 million people to the great famine 1959-1961, but rebounded in less than 10 years.

Russia lost during 5 years 27 million people during the Second World War but was able the rebound in less than 5 years, blowing their first nuclear bomb in 1949.

What about Africa?

Africa lost about 17 millions people to transatlantic slavery (over 3 centuries) and about 2 million to Islamic slave trade, a grand total less than Russia in 5 years, but Africa is still incapable of rebounding from that lost which happened 2 centuries ago.

Africa population is still very skinny and dispersed.

The few area with sizable population are the only only ones which are thriving: Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, …

Population density and economical growth is very much related, and Africa is constantly failing on that ratio.

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African women wealth

Here in Togo Almost 100% women wealth, affluence, and high social status are built outside of the colonial apparatus, doing legitimate, value adding activities, and using indigenous, ancestral knowledge.

While there is almost no single man here whose wealth, affluence and social status is not derived from the colonial apparatus : the white man diploma, the colonial state, working for or with whites, speaking foreign tongues, dressing like Arabs or Europeans.

Reason why here, during the fight for independence women were 100% for independence, and the schooled boys of the Europeans were touting Togo was not ready for independence.

The most fierce, and active people for Africa independence and renaissance until now are the women, while our men are so dependent on white people for their survival.

It seems like our men don’t want Africa freedom. They just want to be good boys.

Reasons why the western governments and NGOs are massively targeting African women, under the disguise of human rights, to colonize them like they did for the African men. They want to break African women refusal of white colonialism.

What they don’t know is that African women are not stupid and weak like African men.

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Targeting the African woman

The white countries of Europe and America have zeroed on the African woman as a target to complete their evil agenda of taming Africa to stay a dominion for the white people.

‘If you want money now from the white people, create an NGO targeting the African women. There is a lot money, even more if you lurk into what they call reproductive health’ confided a friend of our family working for the biggest women sterilization and birth discouragement organization in Togo, heavily financed by Europeans and Americans.

Leveraging legitimate causes like :
– Family health
– Poverty alleviation
– Women rights
– Entrepreneurship
– Equality
Foreign NGOs from white countries flocked here with hidden agenda to :
– weaken and destroy African families
– Weaken and separate African men from women through radical feminism
– Depopulate african continent through hidden mass sterilization and birth discouragement through zillions of women organizations and governments
– Destroy traditional social links and replace them with monetizeable relationships

To succeed that agenda, the African woman has been identified as the last target to take over.

The church has already damaged the mind of most African women. The NGOs are now targeting the African woman womb they wish to cut off.… Read more

Maps Readers versus Book Readers

You visit a friend. He has a lot of books. You are impressed. He might be intelligent or an intellectual.

You visit a friend. He has a lot of maps. Maps of countries. Maps of cities. Maps of territories and world resources. You’d be impressed and more over, you’d have some of the best time of your life. Maps exploration alone or in group is often a very entertaining and enlightening exercise. Your friend is certainly a strategist.

Homes with books are nice. Homes with maps are interesting.

Physical maps are as important as mind maps. Through books we get to learn about models, principles, axioms, variables and derivatives. We acquire intellectual power and thinking prowess through such interactions.

With maps, you build something more powerful, a feeling of power over elements and projection, and an ability to exert power and control.

Book readers are intelligent people. They turn mostly inward to explore and understand. Maps readers are powerful people. They turn mostly outward mostly to move and shake.

Buy a few maps for your house. A map of Africa, a map of your country, a map of your region. Buy those which are progressively detailed, from socio-demograpgic data to geophysics and mines data.… Read more