Panafricanism is dead

During the last 3 years, I’ve written several articles to warn about the danger of the panafricanist ideology and its various branches like black identity.

Those ideas are so entrenched and many have committed so much to them that it’s hard for them to step back and take a second look, let alone examine any critic or warning.

I could reference my previous posts here, but I’d like to take a bit of time to briefly restate my understanding of these ideas and critics.

Panafricanism most outstanding idea is the advocacy and a philosophy for unity between African people.

The main justification of the idea is that Africans are weak because they are divided, and achieving unity will bring them strength to face adversity and build a new Africa.

The main tool to reach that goal is preaching unity through books, seminars, discourses, social media posts, and advocacy for the formation of African organizations and groups which would work together for Africa unity and progress.

The panafricanist idea reached its most prominent stage during the years 1950 and 1960 when a few partisans of the idea reached powerful political positions in many African countries.

In term of legacy, we have mainly books, associations, songs, and the defunct continental organization like OAU (Organization of Africa Unity).… Read more

Power respects only power

During slavery, there were lot of people protesting. Regardless of their protests, slavery of Africans lasted over 300 years.

During colonisation, there were lot of people protesting it. Regardless of their protests, African direct colonisation lasted 200 years, and still is going.

Why did those protests fail?

Powerless people making moral noises and calling to ethical values had never stopped people in power to do what they have to do in their interests.

Power respects only power.

Get a life, and stop itching people ears with your powerless declaration. Pity seeking, victim porn, and fist in the air are for noise makers.

Seek power by all means possible then you’d be listened to, preferably feared in the first place.

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A Continent for the Taking

There are currently two weak continents for the taking: Europe and Africa.

Men on these two continents became so weak and passive that scavengers and barbarians are already on their soils, and many more at their gates.

A friend of mine told me recently, “I’m afraid for Africa”.

She is a white female European. She speaks very little, but she knows so much about the untold plans regarding the continent.

Anyone with any sense of survival, would agree with her statement.

Me too, I’m afraid for Africa.

For the Europeans, the Indians, the Chinese, the Lebanese, the Jews, etc, Africa is a continent for the taking.

They literally want to take the continent, make it their own conquered territory, preferably without the Africans themselves. Just their plans to do so are different.

They know that it’s possible to take over a continent, kill the locals, import their own surplus population, and run the place.

Five centuries ago, there were no single white person in America. Today the whole continent belongs to Europe, and is ran by the descendants of Europeans. The locals had vanished from history, by millions.

What happened in America, could happen again, but this time Africa is the target: a weak continent, with weak men, easily corruptible.… Read more

The way forward for the African diaspora

There is no ‘salvation’ or possible progress for African diaspora anywhere in the world. Neither in America nor in Europe. Nowhere!

The way forward for the diaspora in America in particular is to organize, infiltrate, and take over a country in Africa and make it their strong homeland.

If strong and well organized enough they could take over a country like the Congo, or Nigeria. If not strong enough they could take over small countries like Namibia, Togo, Zambia, Liberia (without repeating their returnee supremacy ideology).

Like how the persecuted Jews found solace only when they succeeded to seize a land and make it their state, the African diaspora trauma and persecution would likely end if they would organize to seize one or two countries in Africa, bring in great brain power and management skills, build a powerful, prosperous and military feared state.

From that moment, like the Jews, no African in the diaspora would ever be persecuted without the culprits jeopardizing their own interests.

How to do is is left to the brains of the mastermind behind such a project.

Weak minded Africans would come here to outcompete themselves in crafting clever sentences defending why and how it’s not possible.… Read more

5 reasons why Trump matters

#1. Lot of people have no idea how the rise to the top of non-white nation is enraging a majority of white people. White people enjoyed over centuries the top dog status in the world, and suddenly that status is contested, challenged and imminently toppled.

Trump is giving all these people a channel to express that rage, that frustration and in doing so is lowering that rage and frustration.

Like an african proverb puts it ‘a frustration vented is a frustrated half in intensity’.

We need Trump to lower that rage and frustration of the white peoples who are still powerful enough to endanger the world if the steam of their rage would be kept enclosed or ignored. It’d explode in ways out of control.

Trump is needed by America to  keep white rage under control and given enough time to transition to a new status.

#2. China ‘Super power plan’ started in 1953 by Mao is now a reality. There is no other nation on earth who could keep in check the chinese super power plan, but the United States.

Yes China needs to be opposed and kept in check, because that is good for the world and good for China.Read more

Individual evolution and collective evolution

  1. The study of evolution as science is often focused on one side of evolution, the individual evolution which means how individual animals, including humans, under the contingency and randomness of their environment adapt or fail to survive.

The side of evolution that is often overlooked is the collective evolution, which means how species as a group cooperate to face collectively contingencies and randomness in their environment.

The lessons learned so far from both evolutions is that individuals which optimize their chance of survival selfishly are more likely to survive and eventually thrive. The keyword here is selfishly. As individual, you better be selfish to optimize your chance of survival. Reason why selfish people are more successful.

However species which cooperate more intensively to face as a group contingencies and randomness have higher chance of survival for their individual members and thrive over much longer period. As individual you better live in a cooperative species, because you chance of survival is higher and your offspring have much higher survival chance.

In plain words, if you are selfish you are more like to succeed as individual, however your species or tribe won’t thrive if all of its members are like you. Your species will be weaker and be prey to species or tribes which are more cooperative or more benevolent.Read more

Schumpeterian Barbarism

‘I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.’ John Adams

Descendants of Barbarians are always much better off than the descendants of civilized people.

If you don’t believe me, ask the Germans and the vikings descendants. The current world elite is dominated by them from Washington to Vienna.

A famous book with African activists is Check Anta Diop’s ‘Civilisation or Barbarism’. The whole point of the book is to prove that Africans had built higher civilisation and we’re civilized long before the barbarians Europeans got out of their caves with blue eyes.

Diop thesis is fine, however it induced our people into the trap of believing Africans are morally superior, and unfortunately they spent countless hours in nostalgia conferences and talk shows, freezing themselves into the past, with reactionary behaviors.

Barbarism is a necessity. It’s the ideology of underprivileged nations in order to access resources and better off their future. Like capitalism is the ideology of the wealthy to beat inflation. Like feminism is an ideology for women’s liberation. Like patriarchy is the ideology of men to keep women away from privileges…

During the most recorded history, Barbarians always win against civilized people.… Read more

Natural inequality and a Case for Imperialism

Inequality in nature is obvious. Some people are genetically luckier than other. They are more handsome, more beautiful, healthier, smarter, or born in the right family, country or city. It might look unfair, make some jealous but we can’t make everyone look ugly because you are ugly.

Nature seems to allocate more ressources to some parts, to some people or to some locations.

Let take the case of human body. The brain consumes 20% of the average 100 watts the body needs to keep running at rest, while the brain makes only 2% of the body mass.

Such unequal allocation of ressources is called natural inequality or utilitarian inequality, because the disproportionate resources allocated to the brain is used for the goods of the whole body.

Inequality is profitable to society in many ways. We are lucky Einstein didn’t have the same brain as Trump. We are lucky Usain Bolt is not built like Your uncle. We are lucky John Coltrane is more sensible than your Sunday lead singer. We are delighted that Lupita doesn’t look like your ex-girlfriend. We are lucky Michael Jackson walked the moon!

Deviation from standards are rare but often more profitable to society than the masses of averages.… Read more

Raising the African Child to Conquer the World

This post is for African parents who believe Africa need great rulers to free our continent and go on to conquer the world with our humanist values

Dear African parents,
You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. We however have something in common. We are Africans, and we have children to raise.
As Africans, we look around and we can’t fail to notice how our status in the world is low, very low. Our continent is occupied by foreigners who dictate our conducts, exploit our people and resources, humiliate us. We have very bad leaders with little ambition to lift us from that shithole.

It’s possible the change we wish for would not happen during our lifetime, and as many before us, you and me would die bitter, frustrated as conquered men living in vassal states.

Is that a reason to turn pessimistic and give up on the dream of our fathers and mothers to see Africa roaring back, powerful and respected, feared and loved, independent and forceful?

NO. Repeat after me. We won’t give up.

We have the responsibility to keep the light of our freedom alive. We have the duty to keep the spirit of our coming back alive.… Read more

Debunking a Dangerous idea: Africa Unity

The dream of little schooled African man is to make Africa to become like Europe or America. In his little skull of colonized man, deprived of agency, mimicking the master, he supposedly fought to get independence, is seen as his future.

Europe has European Union; therefore, Africa needs Africa Union.
America has the United States of America; therefore, little African man want United States of Africa.

You see, little African man, doesn’t think by himself, he imitates the master, he copies the master in hope to become like the master one day.

Therefore, the very idea of African Union or Unity is not the little African man one, but a thoughtless impulse to copy what the master is doing.

My goal in this article is to debunk the idea of a necessity of an African Unity.

Let’s start from the beginning, “Why do you want Africa unity?”

So called panafricanists would say, because Africa has been divided by the colonizers and needs unity to become strong.

“Are we weak because we are divided?
When was the last time we were united and were undefeatable?
Do you mean were united before colonization, but the white came and beat us, and divided us, and now we want to go back to before colonization and become stronger and defeat the whites?… Read more