Power respects only power

During slavery, there were lot of people protesting. Regardless of their protests, slavery of Africans lasted over 300 years. During colonisation, there were lot of people protesting it. Regardless of their protests, African direct colonisation lasted 200 years, and still is going. Why did those protests fail? Powerless people making moral noises and calling to […]

A Continent for the Taking

There are currently two weak continents for the taking: Europe and Africa. Men on these two continents became so weak and passive that scavengers and barbarians are already on their soils, and many more at their gates. A friend of mine told me recently, “I’m afraid for Africa”. She is a white female European. She […]

Individual evolution and collective evolution

The study of evolution as science is often focused on one side of evolution, the individual evolution which means how individual animals, including humans, under the contingency and randomness of their environment adapt or fail to survive. The side of evolution that is often overlooked is the collective evolution, which means how species as a […]