The way forward for the African diaspora

There is no ‘salvation’ or possible progress for African diaspora anywhere in the world. Neither in America nor in Europe. Nowhere!

The way forward for the diaspora in America in particular is to organize, infiltrate, and take over a country in Africa and make it their strong homeland.

If strong and well organized enough they could take over a country like the Congo, or Nigeria. If not strong enough they could take over small countries like Namibia, Togo, Zambia, Liberia (without repeating their returnee supremacy ideology).

Like how the persecuted Jews found solace only when they succeeded to seize a land and make it their state, the African diaspora trauma and persecution would likely end if they would organize to seize one or two countries in Africa, bring in great brain power and management skills, build a powerful, prosperous and military feared state.

From that moment, like the Jews, no African in the diaspora would ever be persecuted without the culprits jeopardizing their own interests.

How to do is is left to the brains of the mastermind behind such a project.

Weak minded Africans would come here to outcompete themselves in crafting clever sentences defending why and how it’s not possible. Just ignore the noise of such submen, and move forward.

Half of the energy the diaspora is currently spending to fight for integration in Europe and America, would be enough to mastermind a plan to create a state of their own back here in Africa.

It’s high time to revive the dream of “return to Africa” which Garvey and others pioneered. Otherwise in a thousand years the Africans in the diaspora would still be ritually killed on the streets, reduced to quota filling species, a protected class, and economically destitute.

Are there still African men and women of such caliber? to think, mastermind and execute such a plan?

That’s the biggest limitation we have to face. Hedonism and entertainment have soften most of them, and their ambition limited to a car and a house.

Oh Africa, oh Africa, where thy such a son and daughter be found ?

May the spirit of liberty and freedom does it work, so the mission would be accomplished!

The Oracle of Tado

Post inspired by Kolade Folami following a great conversation.

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