5 reasons why Trump matters

#1. Lot of people have no idea how the rise to the top of non-white nation is enraging a majority of white people. White people enjoyed over centuries the top dog status in the world, and suddenly that status is contested, challenged and imminently toppled.

Trump is giving all these people a channel to express that rage, that frustration and in doing so is lowering that rage and frustration.

Like an african proverb puts it ‘a frustration vented is a frustrated half in intensity’.

We need Trump to lower that rage and frustration of the white peoples who are still powerful enough to endanger the world if the steam of their rage would be kept enclosed or ignored. It’d explode in ways out of control.

Trump is needed by America to  keep white rage under control and given enough time to transition to a new status.

#2. China ‘Super power plan’ started in 1953 by Mao is now a reality. There is no other nation on earth who could keep in check the chinese super power plan, but the United States.

Yes China needs to be opposed and kept in check, because that is good for the world and good for China. Any person or country without opposition and checks would indulge in abuse of its status.

Trump’s public and determined opposition to China supremacy is good for the world, and would help civilize its rise to world domination.

#3. Europe is now a continent of weak men, but with lot of barbarians at its doors. Like in the old times, the Persians and the Arabs, the Turks and the Mongols are back to its doors and determined to get in and take over.

Like by the past, when Europeans are beaten by the Middle and far East barbarians, Africa falls as easy prey afterwards. The islamisation , the Arabs slavery of Africans, and the occupation of North Africa are testimonies to that.

We need a strong Europe to shield Africa, as far as Africa is still incapable of defending itself.

Here, Trump position on Europe defense is a good position.

#4. The world is reverting back to primary tribalism. In an uncertain and shifting world everyone retreats to the lowest denominator: tribal affiliation. Nationalism is rising and borders are strengthening. In the short term, this trend would continue.

Trump epitomizes theatrically that trend in all its desirable and despicable features, helping the whole world see how such a movement could be beneficial and harmful in the same time.

#5. The opposite of Trump  would be a liberal president in the USA working hard to push and hide the racists, drive them out of view, hide inequality through quotas and victims crowning, and more dangerously fearful of confronting enemies because they wish to win Nobel peace price or be media darlings.

The world at present does not need that. The world at present needs a bitter pill: let the racists have their Andy Warhol 15mn prime time, whatever unpleasant it might look and discard nice to have ideologies to confront civilization threatening menaces.

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  1. Frantz Celifie

    You are exposing me to a different line of thinking that you don’t hear in the US. I will be visiting this website to obtain more.


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