Maps Readers versus Book Readers

You visit a friend. He has a lot of books. You are impressed. He might be intelligent or an intellectual.

You visit a friend. He has a lot of maps. Maps of countries. Maps of cities. Maps of territories and world resources. You’d be impressed and more over, you’d have some of the best time of your life. Maps exploration alone or in group is often a very entertaining and enlightening exercise. Your friend is certainly a strategist.

Homes with books are nice. Homes with maps are interesting.

Physical maps are as important as mind maps. Through books we get to learn about models, principles, axioms, variables and derivatives. We acquire intellectual power and thinking prowess through such interactions.

With maps, you build something more powerful, a feeling of power over elements and projection, and an ability to exert power and control.

Book readers are intelligent people. They turn mostly inward to explore and understand. Maps readers are powerful people. They turn mostly outward mostly to move and shake.

Buy a few maps for your house. A map of Africa, a map of your country, a map of your region. Buy those which are progressively detailed, from socio-demograpgic data to geophysics and mines data.

Buy a book about how to read and use maps in daily life and for strategic planning.

Now buy a map of Europe, China, America. Play with your kids how to conquer those territories as a game, teaching them about strategy.

If you have never thought about how powerful it’s to read maps, try buying a few or just use a big 40 inch + interactive screen to explore digital maps, while doing some strategy games.

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