women wealth

African women wealth

Here in Togo Almost 100% women wealth, affluence, and high social status are built outside of the colonial apparatus, doing legitimate, value adding activities, and using indigenous, ancestral knowledge.

While there is almost no single man here whose wealth, affluence and social status is not derived from the colonial apparatus : the white man diploma, the colonial state, working for or with whites, speaking foreign tongues, dressing like Arabs or Europeans.

Reason why here, during the fight for independence women were 100% for independence, and the schooled boys of the Europeans were touting Togo was not ready for independence.

The most fierce, and active people for Africa independence and renaissance until now are the women, while our men are so dependent on white people for their survival.

It seems like our men don’t want Africa freedom. They just want to be good boys.

Reasons why the western governments and NGOs are massively targeting African women, under the disguise of human rights, to colonize them like they did for the African men. They want to break African women refusal of white colonialism.

What they don’t know is that African women are not stupid and weak like African men.

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