Some Black people think having a PhD from Harvard, becoming rich or living in a rich suburb would make them less Black, therefore more acceptable or respected by White people. I called this phenomenon the “Oprah Syndrome”.

The tragedy with the Oprah syndrome is that No one knows You are a rich or an educated black person beforehand, therefore the horde of racists will give you the ”Nigger treatment” long before learning anything about you.… Read more

How to win a war: Get rid of the weak in your rank

A well known way of winning a war is to first get rid of the weak members of the troop, or give them to the enemy just as canon folders.

Animals like the gnu do that. When they have to cross a river full of alligators or crocodiles, they push the old and weak of the troop first in to the river to occupy the crocodiles while the main of the troop is preserved to cross.… Read more

You are intelligent because you are courageous

Courage means going into uncomfortable territories with humility but also the will to win.
Without courage, you could be a very educated person, but not an intelligent one.

Also, You cannot be competitive if you are not willing to die or lose.… Read more

Use one of their own against them

That’s the best strategy for conquering people and winning.

From ancient times to nowadays infiltrating, isolating and turning some people against their own families, their own tribes, their own nations, their own countries is a very efficient one for conquests and colonisation.… Read more

Don’t run!

I’m from Togo.
Togo is a beautiful country with the most humble, the most hardworking, and the most liberal people in west Africa. They are also the most honest in west Africa, just behind the people of Burkina Faso.

Unfortunately, the country has being taken hostage by an internal colonial regime since half a century and years after years the regime has succeeded to break any attempt to overthrow it.… Read more

Tolerance Abuse

Tolerance is nowadays an abused word. It’s even used to oppress.

Should I tolerate the nearby mosque shouting loudly at 3H in the morning into the Neighborhood to awaken everyone and damage people health, because of the ideology of tolerance?

No.… Read more

How to raise smart kids?

30 to 50% of the brain cortex neurons are devoted to vision or sight, as compared to 8 percent for touch and just 3 percent for hearing.

That means learning how to see or look and process visual information is at the center of human intelligence and survival.… Read more

If your boss is not a jerk, he is not a good boss

There is a dark side of human creativity and productivity that comes from insecurity, fragility, uncertainty and fear.

The main job of a great manager is to find very talented people and make them feel insecure enough to get them on the edge of excellence, exceptional creativity.… Read more

Weak people fear negative emotions

There is nothing wrong with negative emotions. Like the ying and yang, the positive and negative of electricity, negative emotions are rightful part of human experience.

Weak people often lack inner fortitude to handle all the spectrum of human experience and Cowardly take refuge in feel good prisons !… Read more

How do you catch a black thief in Zimbabwe?

You can’t, because everyone is black on the streets!

I hate the trend of pushing the black identity into Africa.

Let that loose identity stay with the people in the diaspora.

I literally would hate anyone calling me black. I don’t want a color identity derived from the white racist ideology.… Read more