Remove the weak

I came home late last night. My gate lights were dim and my Inverter was off. The place looked like haunted, with vampires everywhere, quietly in ambush, eager to capture innocent souls for free blood.
I produce 100% of my electricity with a combination of solar panels and wind generator.
I went inside took my tools to check my installation. Two batteries were unbalanced and their amperage was too low. And these two were dragging the whole system down.I removed these two batteries from the bank and rewired everything, and voilà!
My lights went bright like the smile of a virgin Sudanese and my AC inverter vigorously released current like the Ukerewe falls in summer.
I took my tools, walked upstairs full of myself. You should have seen me!
While having dinner it dawned on me. This is the same system which was down a few minutes ago. I just took out the two weakest batteries, and here we are with my fridge, my appliances back to functioning and the lights all bright.
There is certainly some lessons to be learned.
I recall the best seller book ‘good to great’ by Jim Collins where he said the secret of the transformation of average companies into great companies is taking the wrong people out of the bus and boarding the right ones.
Nature is anti fragile. And this shows in technology and organizations.
Remove the weak, if what you need right now is peak performance.

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