No cannabis! No Marijuana!

Recently a friend told me, out of a very casual conversation, that marijuana is very good for men. It’s good for health and for sexual performance. He was so agitated about its virtues that I wondered if I was not missing something. 

I resisted such thing all my life, but I wanted to investigate. 

After careful review of the matter, here are my reasons no to try marijuana: 

1. Laziness: those who make it a habit to use that drug are often very lazy people but overly clever. 

2. Lack of ambition: it seems that drug makes people easily content with little and they corner themselves into small thinking unaware of higher standards while been very prompt to lecture everyone about life values. 

3. Promiscuous: lacking ambition to go after anything bigger than their immediate needs, they use most of their energy seeking sexual performance in multiplayer relationships. 

4. Over-cleverness: they are stuck intellectually and often think they have the monopoly on knowledge and won’t listen to people who clearly know better.

5. Sociopathy: they often have very negative view of society and rules. They exclude themselves from social interactions that might require them discipline, self- constrain and good manners. Very self righteous!

6. Lost of short memory: most, but mainly women, lose short memory abilities which could negatively impact their social skills. 

7. Burned lips and face: they look older than their age with burned lips and clayish face skin. They won’t win any beauty contest. 

8. Money problems: they are often broken people borrowing money from all friends and indulge into lies to deceive and earn fraudulently money or favor

9. Slow and fatigued: they are never diligent about anything. They postpone everything and on task are sluggish while being high on friendliness, and alcohol. 

10. Bad models: I won’t recommend someone addicted to marijuana for anything. They corrupt naive young people and are not very reliable. 

Before you mentioned all the positive things about marijuana, I’ve read those too, but this post is about the warnings that are not often clear for those who first decided to try it. 

Yes, men using marijuana are sexually performant, but I’m not running that marathon! 

I’m still fit naturally! 

If you use marijuana, don’t feel offended, because I researched this for myself and I’m sharing my findings. It’s not about you as a person, but general statements.

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