White is not a skin color nor a race. White is a brand

Something strange is happening. My recent article in the Guardian has generated millions of conversations. 

I, unwillingly, found myself in the middle of something unstoppable. 

I’d like to address here for my friends one point of the article which seems critical: what does the article means by “White”?

Many people are wearing an identity they have no clue where it comes from. 

White is not a skin color nor a race. White is a brand, a social status, an ideology. 

Until recently Jews, Irish, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and may southern Europeans were not included into the white brand. Eastern Europeans for example still have to wait for their tour to be included. 

Being white has little to have with skin color. In fact from historic perspective, there were no white in Europe until the Renaissance in the 15th century. 

White as an identity is something very recent,  created in the context of the European globalization starting in the 15th century.

Its creation came in the same time as the creation of the black identity. The same people created both identities.

Please educate yourself a bit more about the identity you wish to wear.

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