No, No. We don’t want your Development

As an African, if you believe in the ideology of “development” and you want to develop africa, you’ll feel and carry an inferior complex  toward white people, and unconsciously you’d hate yourself.

Why is it so?

As development is understood as westernization of Africa, you’ll constantly feel inferior and in admiration of the civilization you wish to copy. Your only dream would be to replace anything indigenous by something European-like. And in your scale of values, anything local will be inferior to anything European.

You’ll unconsciously abandon your culture, your identity, everything that make you African, and throw yourself in an elusive quest to identify yourself with alien culture and identity. 

In the name of development, which is the secular religion of colonialism, you’ll abandon your African name, you’ll abandon your mother language, African spirituality, you will hate your skin color, you will hate your hair, your food, your entire self. Your secret dream would be “to become developed”, and you won’t even know what does it mean “to be developed”.

You’ll become a confused person. 

In contrary, We panafricanists, we are talking about Africa Renaissance, which means going back to our culture, our past to leverage the knowledge of our ancestors to recover our lost dignity, revenge our humiliation, and build an Africa resilient to its predatory neighbors.

We don’t want Africa development. We want Africa Renaissance.

African Renaissance is different from africa Development. The first will make you proud to be African. The second will make you a house negro.

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