Don’t protest, Make a Coup

The best route to a revolution is a putsch or a coup.

The revolution is done in the name of the people but their involvement is neither required nor desired.

One night or a few days are enough to overthrow incumbents.… Read more

Africa in the Short Term

The short term future of Africa is bleak.

We got the choice between building an egalitarian society or a class society.

We rejected the egalitarian model and chose the class society instead.

The current lullaby of Africa rising is in fact the emergence of a despicable class society where a minority is taking home all the fruit of the economical growth.… Read more

Guillotine and political progress

The sight of the guillotine is the beginning of wisdom for the ruler.

No, no, no. The fear of the guillotine is the beginning of good leadership.

Progress started and justice improved in Europe when European people started chopping the head of their kings and misrulers.… Read more

Behead the corrupt politicians

I don’t know what the people of Mali are waiting for to behead in public the corrupt politicians!?

At least 3 public officers and politicians should be hanged every month for corruption,

5 police and military officers executed by firing squad every month for corruption,

For at least 10 years,

To end corruption in Africa.… Read more

The best of African gene pool is in America

Only the best of our race has been brought there. 99% are Alpha males and females.

No other race would have survived 500 years of white terrorism like they did. They are alive regardless, thriving, fighting back.

They are crushed but they won’t bow.… Read more

Thank You Donald Trump

I recommended your election. You are delivering on my expectations.

You are revealing to the world the dark side of white people we black people knew so well, but with no voice to out it.

You are showing in public the hate message, the deep racism, the will to oppression and violence that are the cornerstone of the Western ‘civilisation’.… Read more