Don’t run!

I’m from Togo.
Togo is a beautiful country with the most humble, the most hardworking, and the most liberal people in west Africa. They are also the most honest in west Africa, just behind the people of Burkina Faso.

Unfortunately, the country has being taken hostage by an internal colonial regime since half a century and years after years the regime has succeeded to break any attempt to overthrow it.

Recently, I met a high ranking member of the TOGO colonial regime, and at a point of our exchange, he disdainfully joked that the people of Togo are ‘flee-ards’, meaning it’s enough for the regime soldiers to boo the protesters that they would run away in panic leaving the streets empty.

In the years 1990s, I was among the students who protested the colonial regime unsuccessfully. Hearing that Officer statement got films of how we were dispersed back to my mind.

We were cowards. We ran away once the soldiers would boo at us. And I think most of the protesters were killed and wounded running away, making themselves easier prey.

Recently, the TOGO regime developed a more sinister tactic to break protests. According to their theory, once their soldiers would kill one or two children during a protest, even if the kids are not related to the protests, the protest movement loses momentum and breaks down, because parents instinctively would exert pressure on their kids not to go out.… Read more

Tolerance Abuse

Tolerance is nowadays an abused word. It’s even used to oppress.

Should I tolerate the nearby mosque shouting loudly at 3H in the morning into the Neighborhood to awaken everyone and damage people health, because of the ideology of tolerance?

No. Those who want to follow that religion should find more civilized ways to call to their fucking prayer !

Do I have to tolerate the church which is playing heavy music and making noise at midnight into the neighborhood Damaging people sleep and health, because of tolerance?

No. Those who want to follow that religion should built sound proof locations like nightclubs to dance to their fucking messiah!

Do I have to tolerate jehovah witnesssess who knock at my door or harass people on the street because they want to spread their mental disease To me, just in the name of tolerance?


If Christianity was tolerant of other people belief systems, it won’t spread. It spread because of intolerance.

If Islam was a tolerant religion, respecting other people belief, it won’t spread beyond Medina. It spread because of intolerance.

Don’t let yourself be abused by the ideology of tolerance from the most intolerant people, including ignorant and stupid people who requires that their ignorance and stupidity be tolerated!… Read more

How to raise smart kids?

30 to 50% of the brain cortex neurons are devoted to vision or sight, as compared to 8 percent for touch and just 3 percent for hearing.

That means learning how to see or look and process visual information is at the center of human intelligence and survival.

There are few things parents can do to help their kids to develop their visual skills.

1. Widen the field of vision to 70% angle. Ask your kid to look straight at a distant object in front of them while noticing all other objects in his or her visual field up to the ears.
This should be something fun you do when walking in nature or a park.

2. Storage of visuals information. Ask your child to look at a tree or any interesting object. Ask him to describe it. Then, tell him or her that you will later ask him where was the tree and what was its color and shapes. Advise him or her to look a last time before you lose sight of the object.

From that moment your kids would learn naturally how to encode and retrieve visual information more accurately.

Do this exercise often to strengthen memory patterns.… Read more

If your boss is not a jerk, he is not a good boss

There is a dark side of human creativity and productivity that comes from insecurity, fragility, uncertainty and fear.

The main job of a great manager is to find very talented people and make them feel insecure enough to get them on the edge of excellence, exceptional creativity.

Once humans feel too secure, too certain, too un-afraid, they become mediocre, less driven, complaisant.
If your boss is not making you feel insecure, he is not good enough for you nor for your organization.
‘Action is the face of fear’, said someone.

As an artist, my best work comes from fragility, emotional or physical pain, social or economical uncertainty, fear of shame, but also the desire to overcome all these, and be celebrated as one of the few who get over, and achieve.

A boss who wants to create a feeling good environment, who is excessively nice, comfort people below excellence, are bad managers.

William James, the father of Western modern psychology, said all humans have three motivation engines : feeling of insecurity, feeling of inadequacy, and feeling of inferiority.

Those negative motivators are more efficient than positive motivators.
If you are not ‘bad’ you won’t ever be a great leader. There are more Street names and books written about bad leader than about nice leader.… Read more

Weak people fear negative emotions

There is nothing wrong with negative emotions. Like the ying and yang, the positive and negative of electricity, negative emotions are rightful part of human experience.

Weak people often lack inner fortitude to handle all the spectrum of human experience and Cowardly take refuge in feel good prisons !

The new age Literature drunken folks are usually bottom tier hustlers, Prisoners of ‘be positive‘ commandment!

The greatest psychological weakness of Africans is their inability to stand criticism, opposition without losing temper and acting in ways that distract them from their strategic goals.

Cultural reasons might explain that high sensitivity to criticism, opposition or confrontation, and bad jokes. It’s easy to destabilize an African and detract him: Just hit him with a well-aimed blow of criticism, and you’d reduce him into predictable behaviors detrimental to his goals and growth.

For people aspiring to be ruler, that’s very bad character trait. You kids should learn early in life to cope with opposition, criticism, confrontation while keeping face, keeping eyes on their strategic intent, and going over emotions that might detract or distract.
You don’t choose your opposition nor people you’d be dealing with, therefore persistent self-leadership under stress and high emotion, is a paramount skill to have.… Read more

How do you catch a black thief in Zimbabwe?

You can’t, because everyone is black on the streets!

I hate the trend of pushing the black identity into Africa.

Let that loose identity stay with the people in the diaspora.

I literally would hate anyone calling me black. I don’t want a color identity derived from the white racist ideology.

I’m Adja from Tado, African, … Adja is my tribal identity with customs and culture that I identify with.

If someone steals your iPhone in Harare and You go to the police station and said ‘a black guy stole my iPhone’, well, You’d look stupid and be laughed at.

Chinese are not yellow, Indians are not red, Spanish Are not white.. they have a real identity.

Black identity is now a kind of trash identity where everyone without a Normal identity is thrown, From Rachel Dolezal to Kamala Harris, from Barack Obama to Louis Farrakhan !

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Don’t protest, Make a Coup

The best route to a revolution is a putsch or a coup.

The revolution is done in the name of the people but their involvement is neither required nor desired.

One night or a few days are enough to overthrow incumbents.

How to do a putsch or a coup should be the focus of the education and brainstorming of activists.

The second best revolution route is insurrection.

This route requires however a broad and active involvement of the people. Blood, guns, forces, lot of money are required over weeks and months for little success to be expected. May Danton inspires you.

The worst route to revolution is Marching, petitioning, demonstrations, blogging and tweeting.

This route is only good for reformists, and feel good activists sponsored by Rockefeller foundation.

There is no Democratic revolution through winning elections.

Insurrection success is very unlikely in Africa. Putsches and Coups still are the best way to go.

When life is tough, people crave entertainment, religion, and feel good activists prosper with tweeting lamentations, and blogging future hope.

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Africa in the Short Term

The short term future of Africa is bleak.

We got the choice between building an egalitarian society or a class society.

We rejected the egalitarian model and chose the class society instead.

The current lullaby of Africa rising is in fact the emergence of a despicable class society where a minority is taking home all the fruit of the economical growth.

For the poor, democracy and modernization of public life mean exclusion, predation, injustice and insults.

The only road left to the poor is either alienation in religion or insurrection.

Africa is pregnant of violent coups to come.

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Guillotine and political progress

The sight of the guillotine is the beginning of wisdom for the ruler.

No, no, no. The fear of the guillotine is the beginning of good leadership.

Progress started and justice improved in Europe when European people started chopping the head of their kings and misrulers.

Guillotine and pitchforks improve leadership skills faster than petitions and demonstrations.

I think the same is needed in Africa to see progress and justice.

Any leader betraying the people and leaving them in misery should have his head chopped and paraded for inspiration to others.

Our leaders need education, the only one that works.

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Behead the corrupt politicians

I don’t know what the people of Mali are waiting for to behead in public the corrupt politicians!?

At least 3 public officers and politicians should be hanged every month for corruption,

5 police and military officers executed by firing squad every month for corruption,

For at least 10 years,

To end corruption in Africa. At least to curb it .

Without death sentence, corruption would not end here but continue to destroy our countries.

Corruption in countries like Ghana is killing thousands of people every year. In Nigeria it’s killing at least one million person a year.

Don’t come talk to me about human right for criminals whose actions are killing millions of Africans.

Without a war on corruption and daily public execution of corrupted officials, our continent has no future.

Corruption is killing us. Let kill the corrupted.

The hanged men should be left to the view of the public for 3 days, and the bodies fed to birds and crocodiles. The execution should be public where all Local public Servants have to attend.

Let’s kill the killers, and fuck the outcries!

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