The best of African gene pool is in America

Only the best of our race has been brought there. 99% are Alpha males and females.

No other race would have survived 500 years of white terrorism like they did. They are alive regardless, thriving, fighting back.

They are crushed but they won’t bow. They are poor, but they are genius in art, sport, music, technology, literature.

Slavery had selected only big, tall, energetic African and interbred them over 5 centuries.
In Africa, that’s different. Only few good men were left. And a lot of them are collaborators and accomplices to the white terrorists.

The men on the continent are so weak, little men. The local women don’t even like their soft balls.

Now has come the time where the Africans in America connect back to the continent through marriage.

We encourage Black male from America to marry women in Africa. We encourage Black female from America to marry our little men left on the continent.

The Giants gene pool of the Black America would spread back to the continent, giving us a new generation of men with hard balls indoctrinated in the African tribal manners and raised to revenge our collective humiliation.

For a Black American man to marry a woman on the continent would be great satisfaction for his integration and reconnection.… Read more

Thank You Donald Trump

I recommended your election. You are delivering on my expectations.

You are revealing to the world the dark side of white people we black people knew so well, but with no voice to out it.

You are showing in public the hate message, the deep racism, the will to oppression and violence that are the cornerstone of the Western ‘civilisation’.

Lot of people are fighting Trump not because they don’t agree with him but because he is revealing the dark side of their greatness, the whites violence to the world. They are reacting out of shame.

It’s the same reason I wished LePen won in France too.

We are having the Dutch Syndrome: ‘We are racists and we are not ashamed of it’.

Thanks Donald.

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