Use one of their own against them

That’s the best strategy for conquering people and winning. From ancient times to nowadays infiltrating, isolating and turning some people against their own families, their own tribes, their own nations, their own countries is a very efficient one for conquests and colonisation. History is littered with countless exemples. That strategy just works. Activists should use […]

Don’t run!

I’m from Togo. Togo is a beautiful country with the most humble, the most hardworking, and the most liberal people in west Africa. They are also the most honest in west Africa, just behind the people of Burkina Faso. Unfortunately, the country has being taken hostage by an internal colonial regime since half a century […]

Tolerance Abuse

Tolerance is nowadays an abused word. It’s even used to oppress. Should I tolerate the nearby mosque shouting loudly at 3H in the morning into the Neighborhood to awaken everyone and damage people health, because of the ideology of tolerance? No. Those who want to follow that religion should find more civilized ways to call […]

Africa in the Short Term

The short term future of Africa is bleak. We got the choice between building an egalitarian society or a class society. We rejected the egalitarian model and chose the class society instead. The current lullaby of Africa rising is in fact the emergence of a despicable class society where a minority is taking home all […]