Don’t protest, Make a Coup

The best route to a revolution is a putsch or a coup.

The revolution is done in the name of the people but their involvement is neither required nor desired.

One night or a few days are enough to overthrow incumbents.

How to do a putsch or a coup should be the focus of the education and brainstorming of activists.

The second best revolution route is insurrection.

This route requires however a broad and active involvement of the people. Blood, guns, forces, lot of money are required over weeks and months for little success to be expected. May Danton inspires you.

The worst route to revolution is Marching, petitioning, demonstrations, blogging and tweeting.

This route is only good for reformists, and feel good activists sponsored by Rockefeller foundation.

There is no Democratic revolution through winning elections.

Insurrection success is very unlikely in Africa. Putsches and Coups still are the best way to go.

When life is tough, people crave entertainment, religion, and feel good activists prosper with tweeting lamentations, and blogging future hope.

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