How do you catch a black thief in Zimbabwe?

You can’t, because everyone is black on the streets!

I hate the trend of pushing the black identity into Africa.

Let that loose identity stay with the people in the diaspora.

I literally would hate anyone calling me black. I don’t want a color identity derived from the white racist ideology.

I’m Adja from Tado, African, … Adja is my tribal identity with customs and culture that I identify with.

If someone steals your iPhone in Harare and You go to the police station and said ‘a black guy stole my iPhone’, well, You’d look stupid and be laughed at.

Chinese are not yellow, Indians are not red, Spanish Are not white.. they have a real identity.

Black identity is now a kind of trash identity where everyone without a Normal identity is thrown, From Rachel Dolezal to Kamala Harris, from Barack Obama to Louis Farrakhan !

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