Use one of their own against them

That’s the best strategy for conquering people and winning.

From ancient times to nowadays infiltrating, isolating and turning some people against their own families, their own tribes, their own nations, their own countries is a very efficient one for conquests and colonisation.

History is littered with countless exemples. That strategy just works.

Activists should use it.

You want to topple a government, infiltrate its ranks and turn few of them against it.

You want to destroy patriarchy, find some powerful men to speak against patriarchy and sponsor its breakup.

You want to fight racism, find white people powerful enough to turn against it.

You want to fight colonialism, find people inside the colonial apparatus and turn them against it.

Turn the enemy own values and forces against them.

That’s effective activism, not just feel good value displaying noise, and protesting, expecting change to fall from the sky.

The reverse of this tactic is to preserve your ranks against defection, generally through head in feet out kind of practices.

The Oracle of Tado

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