Weak people fear negative emotions

There is nothing wrong with negative emotions. Like the ying and yang, the positive and negative of electricity, negative emotions are rightful part of human experience.

Weak people often lack inner fortitude to handle all the spectrum of human experience and Cowardly take refuge in feel good prisons !

The new age Literature drunken folks are usually bottom tier hustlers, Prisoners of ‘be positive‘ commandment!

The greatest psychological weakness of Africans is their inability to stand criticism, opposition without losing temper and acting in ways that distract them from their strategic goals.

Cultural reasons might explain that high sensitivity to criticism, opposition or confrontation, and bad jokes. It’s easy to destabilize an African and detract him: Just hit him with a well-aimed blow of criticism, and you’d reduce him into predictable behaviors detrimental to his goals and growth.

For people aspiring to be ruler, that’s very bad character trait. You kids should learn early in life to cope with opposition, criticism, confrontation while keeping face, keeping eyes on their strategic intent, and going over emotions that might detract or distract.
You don’t choose your opposition nor people you’d be dealing with, therefore persistent self-leadership under stress and high emotion, is a paramount skill to have.

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