A Continent for the Taking

There are currently two weak continents for the taking: Europe and Africa.

Men on these two continents became so weak and passive that scavengers and barbarians are already on their soils, and many more at their gates.

A friend of mine told me recently, “I’m afraid for Africa”.

She is a white female European. She speaks very little, but she knows so much about the untold plans regarding the continent.

Anyone with any sense of survival, would agree with her statement.

Me too, I’m afraid for Africa.

For the Europeans, the Indians, the Chinese, the Lebanese, the Jews, etc, Africa is a continent for the taking.

They literally want to take the continent, make it their own conquered territory, preferably without the Africans themselves. Just their plans to do so are different.

They know that it’s possible to take over a continent, kill the locals, import their own surplus population, and run the place.

Five centuries ago, there were no single white person in America. Today the whole continent belongs to Europe, and is ran by the descendants of Europeans. The locals had vanished from history, by millions.

What happened in America, could happen again, but this time Africa is the target: a weak continent, with weak men, easily corruptible.

Five centuries is nothing, so if it’ll take just that long to take over Africa, kill the Africans by fake vaccines, poisoned food, and own the continent, these people have a plan.

Everyone, except Africans, know what is going on.

The Africans themselves have a feeling of what is going. But like the frog in a slow warming water, Africans are deeply asleep to the urgency of activating their survival instinct. They are all about Sanga, Sanga!

They now welcome the invaders as investors, humanitarians, peace corps, assistance workers, etc.

To keep it brief, for the long list of nations who want to take over the continent, Africa is the last part of the earth where there are still black people. (Everywhere else, black people had already been successfully Eliminated.)

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