Targeting the African woman

The white countries of Europe and America have zeroed on the African woman as a target to complete their evil agenda of taming Africa to stay a dominion for the white people.

‘If you want money now from the white people, create an NGO targeting the African women. There is a lot money, even more if you lurk into what they call reproductive health’ confided a friend of our family working for the biggest women sterilization and birth discouragement organization in Togo, heavily financed by Europeans and Americans.

Leveraging legitimate causes like :
– Family health
– Poverty alleviation
– Women rights
– Entrepreneurship
– Equality
Foreign NGOs from white countries flocked here with hidden agenda to :
– weaken and destroy African families
– Weaken and separate African men from women through radical feminism
– Depopulate african continent through hidden mass sterilization and birth discouragement through zillions of women organizations and governments
– Destroy traditional social links and replace them with monetizeable relationships

To succeed that agenda, the African woman has been identified as the last target to take over.

The church has already damaged the mind of most African women. The NGOs are now targeting the African woman womb they wish to cut off.

Control the women mind and womb and you control Africa future. That the mission.

Here in Togo there no single maternity without a white man or woman. The maternity wards in major hospital are now under the control of white NGOs and are flooded with money and sterilization drugs.

Women organizations and anyone doing any successful work with women receive prime attention from the white countries and are flooded with money for whatever could help reach the African woman and secure her against her own country and culture.

Even in literature, France for exemple, award prizes mainly to African women who decided to talk bad about their nations and people, and use their propaganda media like france24, RFI, TV5 to push their profile frontward. Any man doing the same would be very much added.

Women Legitimate aspirations are quickly hijacked and leveraged for all dubious aims.

Any emerging woman and social role model is quickly captured by the overt or the covert white domination network and put under control through various incentives systems.

Behind most prominent African women and men, you have white people organizations and network make them a name.

Loud speaking women are their favorite. Selling the continent for personal success is the goal.

Fortunately African women are not as easy to brainwash as the African men, and everywhere I can witness that women know very well how to resist much superior forces without direct confrontation. They are subverting the very same people who wish to use them against their own people future!

Long live African women!

The photo attached is a maternity ward built by the US army in Lomé, capital of Togo.

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