Fake Leadership … Now you know… why…

A farmer grows chickens. He noticed that three chickens were laying two or three times more eggs than all other chickens combined.

As a good old time farmer, he wondered how he could make all his chickens lays as more eggs as the top 3 stars.

He decided to isolated the top three chickens and breed them for an entire generation of golden, bolt, super egg layer chickens.

Surprise, surprise. After the farmer isolated the the top three chickens, he suddenly discovered that they were not laying anymore more eggs than the other chickens in the other area. And more troubling, he noticed that a dozen chickens in the other area are now laying more eggs than the top 3.

The farmers called in an ornithologist for explanation.

The ornithologist told the farmers that the top chickens were in fact beating up, pecking the other chickens and therefore stressing them too much. Stress in chickens cause them to lay less eggs.

Lesson learned: the top 3 chickens were not laying more eggs than the others. They were stressing to much the other chickens, causing them to lay less eggs.

That’s is a very interesting illustration of the Europeans relation to the world.

Europeans were not the best, they were using violence to make others to be less performant.

Men are not the best… They use violence to appear the best.

I often wonder how much advanced the world would have been if not Europeans global terrorism. If not patriarchy.

Look how Chinese are showing the world what they are capable of, once freed from white and Japanese people bullying

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