Protesting is dead

According to a Hebrew fairytale, an out of wedlock boy, refused to learn carpentry with his foster father, and started walking the street with a few dusty hustlers saying he was the son of God and he came to save the world.

The conservative elite warned him against corrupting the youth with his on drug message of being the son of god and fake performance of miracles.

Called upon the king, he disrespected the court and got crucified. Most his accomplices were later found and executed similarly.

That was almost 2000 years ago. And nothing had really changed until now.

Protesters will always lose to people they are protesting. Their victory may come but usually temporarily, the time for the conservatives to find ways to circumvent them or swallow them.

From the 99% Main Street movements, to the black lives matter; from the yellow vest in France to the metoo global movement; from Tiananmen Square to Arab springs, we got the feeling that protesting is dead as a way to obtain reform or change .

The modern state apparatus powered by technology and advanced mobs control tools, has now the upper hand against disruptive social movements.

From pervasive surveillance, to inaudible repulsive sound, and pepper shower, modern states reached a stage where they are unassailable by shouting mobs or Facebook posts.

The first consequence is that the wretched of the world have little ways left to get heard or twist the hands of the elite.

The second consequence is the Chinazation of states around the world with enhanced population control trough technology.

The third consequence is a new dark age, where most the world population would resign to private affairs, condition themselves to bear with less freedom of speech and more inequality, while living with less and less beside an elite enjoying feudal wealth and affluence.

Activists around need to rethink their strategy.

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