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Slavery wars

During five years, from 1861 to 1865, more than half a million white people were killed in the United States of America because one side wanted to continue with slavery and the other side was opposed to it. 620 thousand people were killed. What is less known is that similar wars happened in west Africa. […]

Hiring for homogeneity and hiring for diversity.

When companies like Facebook, google, Apple hire white people preferentially, they are hiring for homogeneity. That’s natural. People prefer to work with people who ressemble them and feel better around those who ressemble them as well. ‘John is a homogeneity hire’ people would say when a white person is hired in a white majority company […]

Vanity markets

Facebook is a vanity market. Reason why it’s so successful. Showing off long legs, beautiful houses, new hair styles, new clothes, wittiness, intelligence are sufficient motivations that have attracted and retained billions of people who spend countless hours on the platform showing off what ever they got without any other reward than collecting views and […]

Rational fools

The easiest people to fool are rational people. Just overwhelm them which ‘evidence’. Lack of culture turns people into slave of rational thinking. Rational people are so obvious, so transparent, so light, so hollow, so pitiful! When someone has only reason to guide their life, they are excessively defensive, reactionary, and control freak. ‘Homeless‘ people […]