Hiring for homogeneity and hiring for diversity.

When companies like Facebook, google, Apple hire white people preferentially, they are hiring for homogeneity. That’s natural.

People prefer to work with people who ressemble them and feel better around those who ressemble them as well.
‘John is a homogeneity hire’ people would say when a white person is hired in a white majority company or organization.

However, when organizations are under pressure to limit tribalism in their hiring process they would start hiring for diversity. They chose atypical people. ‘Chijoke is a diversity hire’ people would say when an African is hired at Apple for exemple. Hiring for diversity is unnatural and is often done under pressure or for exploitative reasons.

Competency is currently so abundant that hiring has returned to its tribal roots. Promotions too.

‘Homogeneity hires’ are back to the norm.

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