My 2021 Symbol

My main goal for next is to abstract myself. Fictionalize myself and my work.

I choose Albatross to be my next year symbol.

On my large wings, I’d travel as far as possible, leaving behind typicality and rationality, attracted to unformed clouds, floating above ethereal winds destined to carry me away to no destination, hunting an unborn word.

From nowhere I’d bring a word that would awaken the dead, give sight to the blinds, open the ears of the deaf.

I’ll receive the word, and the word would inhabit me, and with the word I’ll work.

We live in the word. But, the ancient word has lost its magic, and the people are orphan to mystery while the kids are dreamless.

A new word is in gestation seeking a womb to upcome.

May the word become.
May the albatross fulfill its mission.

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