Vanity markets

Facebook is a vanity market. Reason why it’s so successful. Showing off long legs, beautiful houses, new hair styles, new clothes, wittiness, intelligence are sufficient motivations that have attracted and retained billions of people who spend countless hours on the platform showing off what ever they got without any other reward than collecting views and likes.

That’s how vain humans could be.

Vanity is the strongest human motivation above all.

Smart leaders, parents, design vanity markets to leverage human ingenuity and create paths to growth.

Electronic fair and shows are the vanity market for electronic engineers. Organized inside schools like in China, they spark unbeatable creativity and innovation from the youth and the olds.

Demo days are vanity markets for computers programmers and entrepreneurs who would give up school at prestigious universities to upstart something with the goal to put a dent in the universe.

Churches are popular among women because they are vanity market to show new dresses,, new car, wealthy spouse, dancing skills, or status.

Nobel Prize awards are the vanity markets for the smartest among humans.

Oscars, literature awards, … are very attractive and stimulating vanity markets for artists, writers, etc.

GDP and world status ranking are the vanity markets for nations and countries around the world. Every country competes to improve their ranking out of sheer vanity among peers.

Cars, dresses, titles…and the hundreds of things humans compete for showing off are vanity markets cleverly designed or leveraged by invisible forces to shake and move humanity.

Why am I writing this?

Our beloved continent lack vanity markets at all levels, from family to the nation level.

Where are the vanity markets in our schools? How many electronics or computer programs competition do we have inside our schools? How many robots competition? How many literature awards and competition? How many design yearly prizes? How many generosity award? How many ethics prizes?

Carefully Designed vanity markets in any environment is very important thriving, contrary to the thinking of libertarians who wish for equality, egalitarianism, …

Markets design is a profession and requires very much forethought about incentives structures to reach desired goal and avoid well documented pitfalls of incentive systems.

… Because there are bad vanity markets like the church, and great vanity market like innovation shows!

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