Rational fools

The easiest people to fool are rational people. Just overwhelm them which ‘evidence’.

Lack of culture turns people into slave of rational thinking.

Rational people are so obvious, so transparent, so light, so hollow, so pitiful!

When someone has only reason to guide their life, they are excessively defensive, reactionary, and control freak.

‘Homeless‘ people only have reason to go through life. They lack traditions, mystic, rituals which only come from a home where generational knowledge is sacred and protected. Their knowledge comes mainly from books and school. They lack home knowledge.

It’s unfortunate that the legacy of the ‘enlightenment’ still shackles most people.

Dive into mystery, immerse yourself in mystic, act in non linear ways, shut the fucking rational mind up to see beyond the curtain of the miserable logic.

So many rational fools, full of noise and pretense, ambushed by depression.

The most common disease of a rational mind is depression.

May mysticism free you!

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