My audience has outgrown my message

There is a time for everything. That is very much truth for activism as well.

My usual audience of 25+ young metropolitan on the continent and in the diaspora has now passed 30+ and most have to deal with adulthood challenges and dreams.

The age of lofty dreams for justice and peace for all, anti establishment and anti imperialism has given its place to the dream of raising a family, building or buying a beautiful house, investing, and more interesting the desire to join the establishment leaving behind years of struggle and frustration with money and power.

Message of changing the world are still sweet to their ears but more as nostalgia than a live call to action, they would respond to.

Like Frantz Fanon put it ‘Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it.’

Most of my audience discovered their mission, but have to silently betray it, because of society, and its imperative of respectability at some age.

Messages of change had rightfully slowly become an irritating noise to most, and they wish to kill the mocking bird.

They indulge into conspiracy theories that discharge them of responsibility or make any wish of change as an impossible mission.

In the end they wish or dream to enjoy a bit of life before death. They spread wisdom like sages with long beards while living very cynically.

From that observation, I chose to stay childish, preserving my naive nature, while leaving public activism.

There is a time for everything. An adult doesn’t shout. He could do or shut up.

Those who are doing don’t talk. Those who aren’t have shouting as activity.

There is a time for everything. Knowing when to move on is a timeless wisdom.

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