Slavery wars

Slavery wars

During five years, from 1861 to 1865, more than half a million white people were killed in the United States of America because one side wanted to continue with slavery and the other side was opposed to it. 620 thousand people were killed.

What is less known is that similar wars happened in west Africa. African tribes which economies came to depend on capturing and selling people were staunchly opposed to the end of slavery. For exemple, the Ashanti whose economy depended on capturing African people to sell to the white, opposed the ending of slavery and fought several wars to keep slavery going.

The kingdom of Dahomey and the coastal Igbo chiefdoms opposed the end of slave trade and indeed started the first forced labor camps in west Africa, after the British navy successfully ended the trade.

The Ashanti kingdom, the Dahomey kingdom, the Igbo chiefdoms still continued capturing people but for forced labor in the gold mines, the palm plantation, in the farms, to produce goods the white countries wanted from the tropics.

Colonisation was indeed, slavery of Africans but this time in Africa to produce the same tropical goods they would have produced if deported to America, and more.… Read more