instant kids

Instant Kids

The most damaging effect the medias have on our kids is the “instant result” syndrome.

They want everything now. If they have to wait, then it’s not worth it.

When things get difficult they move to the next stuff, then the next stuff.

If you tell them their Mom waited 9 months for them to be born, they’d say their mom is stupid!

All, They want is to be manager, which means to give orders to some else to do the job. They don’t have time for the details.

if you tell them the farmer has to wait 5 months to grow the corn, they’d say they prefer the popcorn made in the Cinema instantly.

“Instant result” is the new disease that fuel consumerism and is destroying our social fabric and ecology!

They grow up frustrated that there is no instant success or achievement. Like butterflies they jump from instant moment to instant moment lacking depth in anything.

Hollow and always haunted by depression, they cover they whole drama with the all season word : modernity.

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