healthy people are people with healthy teeth

Self love ❤️

People who really love themselves care about their teeth.

The most healthy people are people with healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth are the sign of a healthy person. Bad teeth health is sign of a person with lot issues.

The moment you see a person with a teeth problem, conclude that the person is going through a lot. He might be close to bathtub memories and haunting abyss. Depression must be hiding in between.

At first sign of a friend not caring about his teeth, immediately know that he is facing isolation or loneliness and teeth negligence is just a symptom.

From my experience never take bad teeth and mouth hygiene issues lightly.

A person ready to spend money on caring about his teeth is a conscientious and productive person with a balanced social life.

Those who are ready to spend lavishly on new clothes but not on their teeth are often people with financial issues.

Don’t neglect your teeth. Loneliness and isolation might hit you.

Self love ❤️ shines on your teeth!

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