Sex for women liberation

Togo is a very primitive country. The education, health, roads, values system are all very primitive compared to any modern standard.

If you want to live in a modern country, Togo is not definitely the place to come. Still it’s my country.

This post is about how millions of women are forced by poverty, and also by easy gain to trade sex for success and in some case ‘liberation’.

Our prime minister is a woman. The president of the parliament is also a woman. And recent official data shows that unemployment affects less women than men, and reduction in poverty is higher for women than men. Boys started to complain about ‘girls advantage’.

I use to go a nice hotel in Lomé the capital. Because of the covid health crisis, the hotel dropped prices and entered the sexdrome business.

A sexdrome is often a hotel or hostel where people pay a fee for 1 hour stay to fuck each other.

This week I came to the place and I could not recognize it anymore. It’s overbooked and the success of overwhelming. The manager has never has such a bonanza!

The classic is a man taking a woman to have sex for a pay or a future promised advantage.

Without tourism in Togo, most hotels have become sexdrome and most of our national energy is spent at those sexdromes.

How is this any related to women ‘liberation,?

The arrangement ‘sex for money’ has become so popular and pervasive that it is difficult to talk about the topic at any level.

Those profiting from those women are mainly from the political class, the upper middle class and soft middle class. So any attempts to address women vulnerabilities to sexual exploitation is frown upon in the power circles.

So many women in position of power either are thought to have reached such positions from sexual promotions or are close to political leaders they know groom harems.

One might think that it’s a voluntary choice by women to use their sex for access to position or earn money, however the most difficult part is all the women who at their office or job are subject to harassment and violence to comply with the pervasive practices of using sex as power projection.

It was widely speculated that our past president would go after wives of his ministers and officials as way to humiliate and control.

Nowadays, directors of public and private services are known to use hiring and promotion power to force sex favors.

There are some laws protecting women against discrimination and harassment, but Togo has no independent legal system as the judges here are known to be very corrupt.

‘If I have to sleep, I better sleep for money or advantage’ has slowly become a widely spread mantra among even young girls here.

Maybe doing so has got the women unemployment rate down and overall poverty also down.

I however doubt we could build a great country with such a setup.

I started this post saying Togo is a primitive country. Indeed it’s. However, here and there, you find islands of modernity, luxury, success, but mainly at a private level. Private wealth is in progress but commonwealth is in regress.

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