Hot Season

Hot Season Hot Things

Slowly the hot season is coming
October opens the flowers season
All plants have to mate
All have to spread and bury seeds
All compete for the butterfly
The bees are buzzy amassing food
Ants are refilling their stock
The northern birds are coming soon
Men would soon go hunting.

Just before all die, it’s time for a last party
A giant party, sexting, courting, mating
Beauty is the secret, wind is the taxi man

All dressed at the utmost
Makeups are gorgeous
Extravagance has no limit, it’s the dress code
No time to foresee the rising sun in the ever clear sky
Taking the rainy clouds into 6 months prison
Fire in ambush, impatient to devour

Death has planned the whole party
She knows well how all this would end
She will kill them all, ending the pagan party

It takes death coming to make life so beautiful
No time to wait, it is a death party
A last party before the dry season
Those who’d enjoy it the most ,
Those would have a second chance
They will be at next year party.

Enjoying is the purpose.

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