Could We?

Almost all of my friends, highly educated, competent and skillful, work for white people businesses or organizations.

They are also almost all Panafricanists. They are on the payroll of foreign organizations, and serve their interests, mostly for taming Africa.

They choose to be either employees or minority associate in foreigners businesses or organizations.

One even told me, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. She summed up the pervasive mentality in the African elite.

They don’t feel capable of creating any great institution, organization, or business by themselves. They crave the fast track route to fame, and good salary, and shun the painful, hard work, stressful and heartbreaking path of single-mindedly, head down venture of creating great, world class institutions by africans, for africans, with africans as top dogs.

The white countries press love them and applaud them, elevate them into models to follow by future generations. They are in the cover magazines and all influencers lists. They are happy saying ‘I work for the UN, Coca-coca, IBM, Deloitte, Google, etc.

I often wonder why is this?

Indians, Chinese, Japanese, French, Turks, Russians, regardless of the pervasive anglo-saxons domination of the world, succeed to create world class institutions they have control over.

Here businesses you think are owned by africans, like the myriad of Nigerian and kenyan startups are indeed owned by foreigners with only rented faces who are africans.

Of course creating great institutions requite great men and women ready to pay the price by sacrifice and hard work. Unfortunately, we continue to lack such people in enough quantity to change things.

If you are a highly educated, competent, skillful African what would make you choose to commit to Africa instead of being at the service of foreigners?

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