The Oracle of Tado – The Book

The Oracle of Tado - Book by Mawuna KOUTONIN

This is my third Book.
It’s a great and very profound book. Easy to go through, on your own pace. Open any page and you’d be in a different vibe and thought wave. Some articles are radical, some not politically correct, some absolutely funny, but all thought provoking.
It’s a selection from my writings by the famous Nigerian designer Hafeez Biliameen. He designed the book.

You can download a free copy here. If you’d like a hard copy please send me an email at

PS: I’m currently writing a new Book. It’s an absolutely vibrating topic. Very profound and very enlightening!

One thought on “The Oracle of Tado – The Book

  1. Hi Mawuna,
    Thanks for writing this. You put into words my deepest convictions (in a rather funny way, sometimes ;)).
    It would have been a good thing to state in the preface that this book overlaps with your previous one “Don’t be stupid”, and also state the differences.
    Furthermore, I also think it would have been beneficial to have, for each article, the date it was written: it would help understand what sometimes look like contradictions in your thinking.
    Thanks again.

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