Protesting is dead

According to a Hebrew fairytale, an out of wedlock boy, refused to learn carpentry with his foster father, and started walking the street with a few dusty hustlers saying he was the son of God and he came to save the world.

The conservative elite warned him against corrupting the youth with his on drug message of being the son of god and fake performance of miracles.

Called upon the king, he disrespected the court and got crucified. Most his accomplices were later found and executed similarly.

That was almost 2000 years ago. And nothing had really changed until now.

Protesters will always lose to people they are protesting. Their victory may come but usually temporarily, the time for the conservatives to find ways to circumvent them or swallow them.

From the 99% Main Street movements, to the black lives matter; from the yellow vest in France to the metoo global movement; from Tiananmen Square to Arab springs, we got the feeling that protesting is dead as a way to obtain reform or change .

The modern state apparatus powered by technology and advanced mobs control tools, has now the upper hand against disruptive social movements.

From pervasive surveillance, to inaudible repulsive sound, and pepper shower, modern states reached a stage where they are unassailable by shouting mobs or Facebook posts.… Read more

Fake Leadership … Now you know… why…

A farmer grows chickens. He noticed that three chickens were laying two or three times more eggs than all other chickens combined.

As a good old time farmer, he wondered how he could make all his chickens lays as more eggs as the top 3 stars.

He decided to isolated the top three chickens and breed them for an entire generation of golden, bolt, super egg layer chickens.

Surprise, surprise. After the farmer isolated the the top three chickens, he suddenly discovered that they were not laying anymore more eggs than the other chickens in the other area. And more troubling, he noticed that a dozen chickens in the other area are now laying more eggs than the top 3.

The farmers called in an ornithologist for explanation.

The ornithologist told the farmers that the top chickens were in fact beating up, pecking the other chickens and therefore stressing them too much. Stress in chickens cause them to lay less eggs.

Lesson learned: the top 3 chickens were not laying more eggs than the others. They were stressing to much the other chickens, causing them to lay less eggs.

That’s is a very interesting illustration of the Europeans relation to the world.… Read more

African women wealth

Here in Togo Almost 100% women wealth, affluence, and high social status are built outside of the colonial apparatus, doing legitimate, value adding activities, and using indigenous, ancestral knowledge.

While there is almost no single man here whose wealth, affluence and social status is not derived from the colonial apparatus : the white man diploma, the colonial state, working for or with whites, speaking foreign tongues, dressing like Arabs or Europeans.

Reason why here, during the fight for independence women were 100% for independence, and the schooled boys of the Europeans were touting Togo was not ready for independence.

The most fierce, and active people for Africa independence and renaissance until now are the women, while our men are so dependent on white people for their survival.

It seems like our men don’t want Africa freedom. They just want to be good boys.

Reasons why the western governments and NGOs are massively targeting African women, under the disguise of human rights, to colonize them like they did for the African men. They want to break African women refusal of white colonialism.

What they don’t know is that African women are not stupid and weak like African men.

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Targeting the African woman

The white countries of Europe and America have zeroed on the African woman as a target to complete their evil agenda of taming Africa to stay a dominion for the white people.

‘If you want money now from the white people, create an NGO targeting the African women. There is a lot money, even more if you lurk into what they call reproductive health’ confided a friend of our family working for the biggest women sterilization and birth discouragement organization in Togo, heavily financed by Europeans and Americans.

Leveraging legitimate causes like :
– Family health
– Poverty alleviation
– Women rights
– Entrepreneurship
– Equality
Foreign NGOs from white countries flocked here with hidden agenda to :
– weaken and destroy African families
– Weaken and separate African men from women through radical feminism
– Depopulate african continent through hidden mass sterilization and birth discouragement through zillions of women organizations and governments
– Destroy traditional social links and replace them with monetizeable relationships

To succeed that agenda, the African woman has been identified as the last target to take over.

The church has already damaged the mind of most African women. The NGOs are now targeting the African woman womb they wish to cut off.… Read more

Maps Readers versus Book Readers

You visit a friend. He has a lot of books. You are impressed. He might be intelligent or an intellectual.

You visit a friend. He has a lot of maps. Maps of countries. Maps of cities. Maps of territories and world resources. You’d be impressed and more over, you’d have some of the best time of your life. Maps exploration alone or in group is often a very entertaining and enlightening exercise. Your friend is certainly a strategist.

Homes with books are nice. Homes with maps are interesting.

Physical maps are as important as mind maps. Through books we get to learn about models, principles, axioms, variables and derivatives. We acquire intellectual power and thinking prowess through such interactions.

With maps, you build something more powerful, a feeling of power over elements and projection, and an ability to exert power and control.

Book readers are intelligent people. They turn mostly inward to explore and understand. Maps readers are powerful people. They turn mostly outward mostly to move and shake.

Buy a few maps for your house. A map of Africa, a map of your country, a map of your region. Buy those which are progressively detailed, from socio-demograpgic data to geophysics and mines data.… Read more

Useless Activists: No one cares about your ideas

Activists spending most of their time on awareness or consciousness campaigns are either wasting their time or are in entertainment business.

In very religious countries, the masses are looking for ‘Gods in human form’ to follow.

Strong, powerful, charismatic, provider men or women regardless of their ideologies.

They crave faces with a presence that scares but also cajoles, patronizes, and provides.

People follow people, not ideas or ideologies.

If any ideology, they already have religion which is soothing enough. To Hell, you can go with your kemetism, panafricanism, afrocentricity, communalism.

Misunderstanding this fundamental aspect of religious societies often leads to high frustration in the activists communities.

The masses don’t want discourse. They don’t want to understand. Like the God they pray to never speaks back, but in silence respond to their prayers, the masses want men, not poor like themselves, far away from their pitiful conditions, who just come to tell them what they want to hear and provide things on their wish list.

They want saviors.

Everyone else should mind their business.

Marginal, loud mouth, poor activists barely qualify as the figures masses in poor religious countries are looking for.

As reminder, they don’t want empowerment nor illumination, they want people who could provide and make them dream or relax.… Read more

Panafricanism is dead

During the last 3 years, I’ve written several articles to warn about the danger of the panafricanist ideology and its various branches like black identity.

Those ideas are so entrenched and many have committed so much to them that it’s hard for them to step back and take a second look, let alone examine any critic or warning.

I could reference my previous posts here, but I’d like to take a bit of time to briefly restate my understanding of these ideas and critics.

Panafricanism most outstanding idea is the advocacy and a philosophy for unity between African people.

The main justification of the idea is that Africans are weak because they are divided, and achieving unity will bring them strength to face adversity and build a new Africa.

The main tool to reach that goal is preaching unity through books, seminars, discourses, social media posts, and advocacy for the formation of African organizations and groups which would work together for Africa unity and progress.

The panafricanist idea reached its most prominent stage during the years 1950 and 1960 when a few partisans of the idea reached powerful political positions in many African countries.

In term of legacy, we have mainly books, associations, songs, and the defunct continental organization like OAU (Organization of Africa Unity).… Read more

Ancestors… ancestors …

Our ancestors were defeated and humiliated.

We are the consequences of their defeat, their weakness, and their failure to defend the continent.

Why all the praise and prayers to them?

Bla-bla-bla, they fought, they did their best. But let’s recognize at the end of the day that they lost and our lands were conquered, and our inferior status in the world is in part because of their defeat.

From that acknowledgment, we could move forward and ask the question what should we do ?

We should spend time and resources to examine thoroughly the following five points:

1. Why our ancestors during the last 2000 years lost all their wars against their adversaries?
2. Are 2000 years of repeated defeat a sign of an inherent inferiority, or caused by other things under our control?
3. What were the strategies and tactics used to beat our ancestors and now us, their descendants?
4. What are the cases studies to illustrate the usage of winning strategies against us, and how did we fail to see through and failed
5. What are the things, others populations which found themselves in similar situations did to revert their fate?

Without spending enough resources to understand why and how our ancestors failed , and why and how we as their descendants are still failing, most of our liberation wishes are doomed and the African race would be failing for the next 1000 years.… Read more

Bugs in your Mind

There are a lot of known bugs in human body and psyche.

Some of these bugs could be patched by humans themselves, but many could be fixed only by the designer of humans. Unfortunately, we don’t know the designer home address, and there is no suggestions box to report those bugs.

However, knowing these bugs is very important, because human hackers could easily use them to exploit you or take advantage of you.

Billions of dollars had been spent to discover bugs in computers in order to be able to spy on you, and on foreign countries and citizens.

What most people don’t know is that much more money is spent every year for discovering or implanting bugs in human body and mind in order to be able to remotely control them, or take advantage of them.

A sales woman was always top seller in a shoes shop. Her secret is simple. When she is helping men try their shoes, she would knee close and face up the client and ask “How do you like it?”

Most men would get out of the shop with new shoes. Some return to the shop just to try shoes. 🙂

A 38 years old man in Lome has a lot of friends.… Read more