Friendship is a social insurance against life threats. We all need some kind of insurance. Reason why we almost all have friends, including psychopaths! A friend would be there for you, when you are unable to help yourself. He is doing that because he loves you, but more important he is investing in the expectation […]

My 2021 Symbol

My main goal for next is to abstract myself. Fictionalize myself and my work. I choose Albatross to be my next year symbol. On my large wings, I’d travel as far as possible, leaving behind typicality and rationality, attracted to unformed clouds, floating above ethereal winds destined to carry me away to no destination, hunting […]

Slavery wars

During five years, from 1861 to 1865, more than half a million white people were killed in the United States of America because one side wanted to continue with slavery and the other side was opposed to it. 620 thousand people were killed. What is less known is that similar wars happened in west Africa. […]