High performing teams secret

Teams made of people of similar level perform better than mixed teams.

It’s better to have a team of 10 people with average intelligence and skills than to mix a team of 7 average and 3 high intelligence.

The average people team could have a high intelligence and skill person as a temporary guest, but not as a member. Thus, the team would perform much better.

It’s also better to have a team of people with stellar intelligence and skills together instead of mixing 7 stellar mind with 3 average.

Lonely stellar intelligence and skills are dangerous for any team, and are better kept away from any effort that requires collective discipline to succeed. Unless they are in only temporary or with a consulting role.

Simply because People with same levels of intelligence and skills go better together, therefore performs much better.

A colony of a million dumb ants outperform a population of one million humans with disparate levels of intelligence and attitudes.

A country growth depends foremost on the skills of its population but far more on how they are organized in clusters.… Read more

My audience has outgrown my message

There is a time for everything. That is very much truth for activism as well.

My usual audience of 25+ young metropolitan on the continent and in the diaspora has now passed 30+ and most have to deal with adulthood challenges and dreams.

The age of lofty dreams for justice and peace for all, anti establishment and anti imperialism has given its place to the dream of raising a family, building or buying a beautiful house, investing, and more interesting the desire to join the establishment leaving behind years of struggle and frustration with money and power.

Message of changing the world are still sweet to their ears but more as nostalgia than a live call to action, they would respond to.

Like Frantz Fanon put it ‘Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it, or betray it.’

Most of my audience discovered their mission, but have to silently betray it, because of society, and its imperative of respectability at some age.

Messages of change had rightfully slowly become an irritating noise to most, and they wish to kill the mocking bird.

They indulge into conspiracy theories that discharge them of responsibility or make any wish of change as an impossible mission.… Read more

Slavery Denialism in Africa

I’m happy more and more Africans are awakening to accept the truth about our own responsibilities in slavery in Africa and colonisation of Africa.

Acknowledging our ancestors weaknesses and crimes would be a huge step in healing the African trauma, the pervasive sense of irresponsibility, but more importantly to create space to teach future generation values we wish for.

Every time I’d post anything about the Ashanti and other African tribes proactive role in the transatlantic slave trade, the Akan people from current day Ghana would come to attack me with hate messages.

I’d like to share in the image below an excerpt from the book ‘Work of a woman, by former First Lady of Ghana, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, who acknowledges the historical facts.

The Ashanti most of the time would captured too many people through their never ending wars to sell to the white, but have to wait for months for the white ship to come back.

Fact is, it was not only the Ashanti. The Fon, the Igbo and many many tribes were willing and proactive participants in the slave trade.

With the Arabs, the Bambara, the Mossi, the Fulani, Haussa were huge Islamic slave traders.

Many nations have acknowledged their past crimes to upstart a healing process for the future.… Read more

My 2021 Symbol

My main goal for next is to abstract myself. Fictionalize myself and my work.

I choose Albatross to be my next year symbol.

On my large wings, I’d travel as far as possible, leaving behind typicality and rationality, attracted to unformed clouds, floating above ethereal winds destined to carry me away to no destination, hunting an unborn word.

From nowhere I’d bring a word that would awaken the dead, give sight to the blinds, open the ears of the deaf.

I’ll receive the word, and the word would inhabit me, and with the word I’ll work.

We live in the word. But, the ancient word has lost its magic, and the people are orphan to mystery while the kids are dreamless.

A new word is in gestation seeking a womb to upcome.

May the word become.
May the albatross fulfill its mission.… Read more

Slavery wars

During five years, from 1861 to 1865, more than half a million white people were killed in the United States of America because one side wanted to continue with slavery and the other side was opposed to it. 620 thousand people were killed.

What is less known is that similar wars happened in west Africa. African tribes which economies came to depend on capturing and selling people were staunchly opposed to the end of slavery. For exemple, the Ashanti whose economy depended on capturing African people to sell to the white, opposed the ending of slavery and fought several wars to keep slavery going.

The kingdom of Dahomey and the coastal Igbo chiefdoms opposed the end of slave trade and indeed started the first forced labor camps in west Africa, after the British navy successfully ended the trade.

The Ashanti kingdom, the Dahomey kingdom, the Igbo chiefdoms still continued capturing people but for forced labor in the gold mines, the palm plantation, in the farms, to produce goods the white countries wanted from the tropics.

Colonisation was indeed, slavery of Africans but this time in Africa to produce the same tropical goods they would have produced if deported to America, and more.… Read more

Something profound to meditate

Sick people are attracted to doctors
People with stone heart are looking for love
People without merci look for generous soul
Bad people follow Jesus

Lost people become activists
Poor are attracted to rich People


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Hiring for homogeneity and hiring for diversity.

When companies like Facebook, google, Apple hire white people preferentially, they are hiring for homogeneity. That’s natural.

People prefer to work with people who ressemble them and feel better around those who ressemble them as well.
‘John is a homogeneity hire’ people would say when a white person is hired in a white majority company or organization.

However, when organizations are under pressure to limit tribalism in their hiring process they would start hiring for diversity. They chose atypical people. ‘Chijoke is a diversity hire’ people would say when an African is hired at Apple for exemple. Hiring for diversity is unnatural and is often done under pressure or for exploitative reasons.

Competency is currently so abundant that hiring has returned to its tribal roots. Promotions too.

‘Homogeneity hires’ are back to the norm.… Read more

Civilization is overrated

I wondered how other men discovered that their neighbor is having better time with his wife on the missionary position.

Missionary position was a huge innovation for humans survival. That position improved reproduction success, and much more. Couples using that position have higher chance of reproduction.

The animal like position from the back was the most common one, until a strong man but with a small joystick frustrated turned by force his partner on her back, and Succeeded to have a good time.

It’s was an awful moment in history. Very barbaric indeed. An animal, let alone a human on its back is either dead, defeated or wounded. Therefore putting his partner on her back was a historical barbaric moment. Only a strong man could have done that.

Fortunately, the lady noticed that that position was less painful for her legs and back, and for the first time she felt something deeper inside her and enjoyed it. Furthermore she got pregnant faster than her fellows, triggering envy from other ladies.

Such a lucky conjonction, led to a viral gossip among women about the new position in the jungle. Other ladies started requesting that position.

Thus, the missionary position become a fashion, which never faded.… Read more

Vanity markets

Facebook is a vanity market. Reason why it’s so successful. Showing off long legs, beautiful houses, new hair styles, new clothes, wittiness, intelligence are sufficient motivations that have attracted and retained billions of people who spend countless hours on the platform showing off what ever they got without any other reward than collecting views and likes.

That’s how vain humans could be.

Vanity is the strongest human motivation above all.

Smart leaders, parents, design vanity markets to leverage human ingenuity and create paths to growth.

Electronic fair and shows are the vanity market for electronic engineers. Organized inside schools like in China, they spark unbeatable creativity and innovation from the youth and the olds.

Demo days are vanity markets for computers programmers and entrepreneurs who would give up school at prestigious universities to upstart something with the goal to put a dent in the universe.

Churches are popular among women because they are vanity market to show new dresses,, new car, wealthy spouse, dancing skills, or status.

Nobel Prize awards are the vanity markets for the smartest among humans.

Oscars, literature awards, … are very attractive and stimulating vanity markets for artists, writers, etc.

GDP and world status ranking are the vanity markets for nations and countries around the world.… Read more

Rational fools

The easiest people to fool are rational people. Just overwhelm them which ‘evidence’.

Lack of culture turns people into slave of rational thinking.

Rational people are so obvious, so transparent, so light, so hollow, so pitiful!

When someone has only reason to guide their life, they are excessively defensive, reactionary, and control freak.

‘Homeless‘ people only have reason to go through life. They lack traditions, mystic, rituals which only come from a home where generational knowledge is sacred and protected. Their knowledge comes mainly from books and school. They lack home knowledge.

It’s unfortunate that the legacy of the ‘enlightenment’ still shackles most people.

Dive into mystery, immerse yourself in mystic, act in non linear ways, shut the fucking rational mind up to see beyond the curtain of the miserable logic.

So many rational fools, full of noise and pretense, ambushed by depression.

The most common disease of a rational mind is depression.

May mysticism free you!… Read more