How colonization works?

People who have no idea how colonisation could be brutal, are having a live lesson in Palestine. That’s how Africa was colonized with white people killing daily Africans, shelling their homes, arresting thousands, murdering their leaders while the whole world was mute. Slavery was even more brutal. Arabs Islamization of Africa was similar. Europeans christianisation […]

Gender Trap

Women look for men to marry.  Men look for woman to marry.  That’s a trap.  A ‘Man’ is a social construct: protector, provider, visionary, leader, domineering, imposing, intimidating, bold, inaccessible, admired, feared, … If a male person matches most of those attributes, he would then qualify for the honorable title a man,  and consequently become […]


Friendship is a social insurance against life threats. We all need some kind of insurance. Reason why we almost all have friends, including psychopaths! A friend would be there for you, when you are unable to help yourself. He is doing that because he loves you, but more important he is investing in the expectation […]