Behead the corrupt politicians

I don’t know what the people of Mali are waiting for to behead in public the corrupt politicians!?

At least 3 public officers and politicians should be hanged every month for corruption,

5 police and military officers executed by firing squad every month for corruption,

For at least 10 years,

To end corruption in Africa.… Read more

The way forward for the African diaspora

There is no ‘salvation’ or possible progress for African diaspora anywhere in the world. Neither in America nor in Europe. Nowhere!

The way forward for the diaspora in America in particular is to organize, infiltrate, and take over a country in Africa and make it their strong homeland.… Read more

The best of African gene pool is in America

Only the best of our race has been brought there. 99% are Alpha males and females.

No other race would have survived 500 years of white terrorism like they did. They are alive regardless, thriving, fighting back.

They are crushed but they won’t bow.… Read more

Thank You Donald Trump

I recommended your election. You are delivering on my expectations.

You are revealing to the world the dark side of white people we black people knew so well, but with no voice to out it.

You are showing in public the hate message, the deep racism, the will to oppression and violence that are the cornerstone of the Western ‘civilisation’.… Read more

Racism and “The first African to …” lexicon

The first parrot to sing in English.
The first monkey to learn the alphabet
The first cat to dance flamenco
The first black to behave like a white award.

I’m always sad when I see posts like ‘first black to…’ behave or did something white had been doing, but never heard about ‘the first white’ to eat Jollof, to write in Yoruba awards, etc.… Read more

5 reasons why Trump matters

#1. Lot of people have no idea how the rise to the top of non-white nation is enraging a majority of white people. White people enjoyed over centuries the top dog status in the world, and suddenly that status is contested, challenged and imminently toppled.… Read more

How the People of Rwanda became almost 100% Christians

On April 1st, 1910, King Rukara rwa Bishingwe killed the religious colonizer father Loupias at Gahinga. He and his people were tired of the colonizers who were harassing their people to convert to Christianity.

Following the killing, the German colonizer Gudovius organized a punitive expedition on the local population killing people randomly on the streets, burned their houses and destroyed their crops in the farms.Read more

Individual evolution and collective evolution

  1. The study of evolution as science is often focused on one side of evolution, the individual evolution which means how individual animals, including humans, under the contingency and randomness of their environment adapt or fail to survive.

The side of evolution that is often overlooked is the collective evolution, which means how species as a group cooperate to face collectively contingencies and randomness in their environment.Read more

Kids success at school

It’s often that people think kids success at school depends on the quality of the schools infrastructures and the qualification of the teachers.

Unfortunately, that’s a very limited view of what makes children to succeed at school.

A school with basic infrastructures and moderately qualified teachers but in a suburbs with strong families, would turn out outstandingly successful kids, while a school with high end infrastructures and top qualified teachers but in a suburb with broken families would fail your children.… Read more

Schumpeterian Barbarism

‘I must study politics and war, that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.’ John Adams

Descendants of Barbarians are always much better off than the descendants of civilized people.

If you don’t believe me, ask the Germans and the vikings descendants.… Read more