Instant Kids

The most damaging effect the medias have on our kids is the “instant result” syndrome.

They want everything now. If they have to wait, then it’s not worth it.

When things get difficult they move to the next stuff, then the next stuff.

If you tell them their Mom waited 9 months for them to be born, they’d say their mom is stupid!

All, They want is to be manager, which means to give orders to some else to do the job. They don’t have time for the details.

if you tell them the farmer has to wait 5 months to grow the corn, they’d say they prefer the popcorn made in the Cinema instantly.

“Instant result” is the new disease that fuel consumerism and is destroying our social fabric and ecology!

They grow up frustrated that there is no instant success or achievement. Like butterflies they jump from instant moment to instant moment lacking depth in anything.

Hollow and always haunted by depression, they cover they whole drama with the all season word : modernity.… Read more

Lex Natura, Lex Economica

The invisible part of African spirituality is the philosophy of the real.

The philosophy of the real states that human potential fulfillment emerges only from active direct interaction with reality. The raw data captured by our senses and cognition would eventually lead to understanding and from understanding knowledge, from knowledge wisdom, and from wisdom humor.

Acquired knowledge is often compounded and transmitted to children, but the transmission process comes with two main risks.

#1. Actuality: is the knowledge still actual or is it outdated. More often than not past knowledge is not actual.
#2. Error and manipulation. Transcription often carries the risk of manipulation, error or omissions.

The above two reasons explain the stupidness of book smart people once they are outside of buildings.

Why am I writing this post?

To enslave someone just make him or her hate the real world and offer him or her the comfort of a virtual reality.

To control someone shield him from reality. The propaganda word for that virtual reality is called modernity.

We have succeeded so much with modernity that for most people modernity is the reality.

Modernity is the lex Economica or domestication, or human zoo.

For the fractional part of humans, unscared by the raw, rough, real world, lex Natura or the jungle is our home.… Read more

Baby Steps

There are some people who wish to take over a country but could not maneuver to taker over their own party or the company where they are employed.

Those who wish for grandiose destiny might demonstrate it at much smaller scales.

Splitting, going my own way, are the route of those who are unlikely to build any huge momentum.

The motto is : Hijack something big, plot to take over, use its ressources for what ever you believe in.

Starting another small party, another small association is good, but taking over big existing institutions is much much better!

You canNot easily start a new country. You have to take over one. Believe me, it’s almost the same for most things in life nowadays.… Read more

Hypertension is killing in Mass

Here in my small town, in a backward country, People still are dying like flies from hypertension. There is not a single day, when I do no hear of one of two people dying from hypertension. There is no single family without a few members heavily on drugs treating hypertension.

It is now a pandemic. Killing more than any other disease!

It’s killing 30 years olds as 60 years olds. Apparently, hypertension is now the first cause of mortality here.

Africa is not even an industrialized continent nor a modern economy, and a huge size of the population is suffering from modern diseases called NCDs (non-communicable disease. NCDs include Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases, strokes, most heart diseases, most cancers, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, ulcers, hypertension, …).

Gosh! … What would happen if we would industrialize? Running a modern economy?

I was all wrong. Africans don’t need any foreigners to exterminate them. They are happily exterminating themselves.

Being modern or civilized means for most rejecting local food and eating food from Europe, America, China and drinking foreign beverage.

The new affordability of sugar, has our people becoming diabetic in mass.

Advertising for alcohol has turned more than half of our men into alcoholics and liver and kidney diseases are now common.… Read more

Hit and Run

That’s the new trend here with ladies on the dating market. Maybe that’s something old, I’m only getting to know.

The trick is simple. The lady takes advantage of a man interest in her to ask for money, a new phone, etc. from the man. Once the man will give the money or buy the phone, the lady will ghost him, block or take distance, looking for another man to crook.

Why am I writing this?

I’ve heard so much about this from friends and connection but never experienced it. But recently I lost my virginity. I got in that trap from a young lady in town.

It was amusing to see, but it got ya to reflect!

I guess, there might be some similar behavior from men, promising heaven and paradises to girls, and once they’d sleep with them they don’t fulfill their promise, and run away to another lady to abuse.

It’s a very sad state of affairs here, regarding relationships. Everyone is sleeping with everyone, and in most case every man or woman would be in two or three relationships simultaneously. Multiple partners is kind of the norm, not the exception.

Marriage has disappeared and single moms thing has become the majority.… Read more

The last brave day of a girl?

I have Just Witnessed a scene on the street of Lomé in Togo.

A 9 years old girl was insulted by a boy much younger than her. She swiftly moved to give him a physical correction he well deserved.

The small boy got scared, ran to hide behind his bigger brother. The girl went after him confident to clean her honor. She was now barred by 3 boys. That alone won’t stop my valiant girl.

She is now alone in front of the 3 boys, but determined to punish the small boy.

The big boy in the group told the girl: “Do you think you’ll beat a boy?”.

The girl won’t answer such a stupid question, but moved her arm to push the disrespectful boy.

The situation got very tense. I intervened to ask them to stop the fight.

Two adult ladies sitting just over the street yelled at my brave girl “you are girl, do you think you’ll beat a boy? Tchuannn!”.

The girl moved away, probably internalizing the saying that girl can’t beat boys.

Was it the last brave day of that girl in front of boys?… Read more

We all love innovation

Innovation drives progress.
But if you want innovation in the world, you have to start by self-reinventing yourself. You have to become a new person, a reborn.

Innovate yourself!

Innovation means taking the old, the known and turning it into something new, a breakthrough perspective.

Like it’s said somewhere, you have to be reborn to get into the kingdom. But this time you are the mother and the newborn you.

The peaceful name for the process is renaissance and the hurried way is called revolution.

Using a software metaphor, I’d say debug yourself before trying to debug society.

Personal renaissance or personal revolution should precede your big plan for worldly renaissance or revolution.

Innovate yourself!

Those who wants to change the world without changing themselves first are often tyrannical people.

Because self reinvention is more difficult, we delude ourselves into harmful projects to change the world to fit our laziness, our shortcomings, our ill conceived ideas of the world.

Instead of in-novating themselves they are re-novating themselves with L’Oréal, because makeup is easier!… Read more

Values system collapse in my country

I don’t know the situation in other countries in Africa, but what I could witness here in my country is a complete collapse of values system.

Values like honesty, integrity, accountability, professionalism, stewardship, loyalty, commitment, faithfulness, dependability, code of honor, etc. have completely disappeared in the society.

From the head of state to the street vendor lying has become very much common or the rule. People are constantly lying and deceiving. Cheating blatantly others and designing tricks to trap others and taking advantage of them has become systemic. All this has made it difficult for anyone to trust anyone.

Fathers are lying, kids are seeing their moms lie all day long, parents teach their kids how to lie, how to deceive, how to cheat, how to trap and take advantage of others. Friends easily betray each other. Business partners are easily parted because it’s impossible to sustain relationships on constant attempts to abuse others or cheating.

Everyone thinks he or she is smart enough to hide their lies, their cheating, making it difficult to build a culture of accountability. Worst, being deceitful and cheater is seen as good character for success. Honesty is scolded, integrity is seen as hindrance or pure naivety by others, and relationships are successfully only when the people in are all crooks and notorious thieves.… Read more

The collapse of family structures in my country

I lived in Europe for almost 15 years. I’ve seen first hand how the collapse of the African family has huge negative consequences on the African community there.

In suburbs inhabited by immigrants from Asia, turkey, Arabs countries and subsaharian Africa, and by poor Europeans, kids from Asian families consistently succeed better at school and later in life, while attending the same schools as the kids of other ethnicities.

A friend even said recently, he has never seen a homeless Asian in America or in Europe!

In the contrary, It’s rare to find a kid from an african family born in Europe who’d graduate at university, left alone turn out to be a successful professional.

What makes such a huge experience for kids living in the same environment, going to the same school, with the same teachers?


Asians value family and are still ready to sacrifice to building healthier families than any other ethnicity.

This evening I was talking to a community leader here, and we all agreed that marriages have disappeared from the community and single moms families are now the majority.

During the conversation, I asked him to consider family as a small country where there should be a leader, a constitution, a civil code, a police, a system of accountability, a healer, etc.… Read more

Alcoholism is destroying my country

I live in a small town where almost all men over 50 are alcoholics. More worrisome the men around 30 years are massively alcoholics too.

Men gather only around drinking alcohol.

There is no other socializing places except bars and white curtain pubs. There are no cinema, no theater, no festival, no musical concert, no live band, no exhibitions, no sports competition, etc. Well nothing to entertain people except alcohol, sex, and churches.

Since churches are closed, alcoholism and promiscuity have skyrocketed.

Early in the morning you see young men already drunk. Some drink before heading to job. After job, bar and Sodabi corners are crowded with men.

In the city of Kara in the northern part, a doctor told me liver failure is now the third cause of death in the main hospital. People drink all day long in the city.

The numbers should be similar around the country, as drinking has become the only way people found to face life hardship and financial issues. But this phenomenon is hitting more old men, retired people, and the poor in the general.

It’s almost impossible no to fall into the drinking culture, because all social gatherings are now in bars, and peer pressure and snobbism force people to drink like peers.… Read more