Love and Tyranny

People with high level of consciousness face a difficult situation in relationships. 

Most people when they want something from their partner, the only way they know is to start complaining, nagging, aggressing with the goal to trigger a response. 

Complaining, nagging and aggressing works on low level conscious people, but is a complete and total turn off for mature and highly conscious people. 

They see that as toxicity and it repulses them. 

The manipulative tactic of complaining and aggressing is seen as childish and totally a deal breaker. 

Mature people love ❤️ mature people who first understand where their frustrations are coming from and don’t use it to intoxicate their relationship. 

Darling, I’m feeling neglected, I’d like you to pay more attention to me. 

Darling, I love when you care more about the kids homework 

Darling, I want more sex, I’m feeling naughty!

Immature people, would say things like 

– You never pay attention to me, you are never available. You never respond to my message. 

– you are such bad father, you don’t pay attention to your kids schooling.

– you are neglecting me, and you spend lot of time outside with your friends and you always come back tired. Continue like that. 

Why they do that? 

Because low level conscious people are more triggered by negativity. The news outlets know that. 

Because low level conscious people act only under fear or constraints. They are not self starters. 

If you are high level conscious person, don’t allow a low level conscious person in your life. You’d be miserable. Let them marry each other and shout on each other. They have bigger orgasm afterwards.

Kindness, love ❤️, maturity are the hallmark of highly conscious people. 

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