Vanity markets

Facebook is a vanity market. Reason why it’s so successful. Showing off long legs, beautiful houses, new hair styles, new clothes, wittiness, intelligence are sufficient motivations that have attracted and retained billions of people who spend countless hours on the platform showing off what ever they got without any other reward than collecting views and […]

Rational fools

The easiest people to fool are rational people. Just overwhelm them which ‘evidence’. Lack of culture turns people into slave of rational thinking. Rational people are so obvious, so transparent, so light, so hollow, so pitiful! When someone has only reason to guide their life, they are excessively defensive, reactionary, and control freak. ‘Homeless‘ people […]

Baby Steps

There are some people who wish to take over a country but could not maneuver to taker over their own party or the company where they are employed. Those who wish for grandiose destiny might demonstrate it at much smaller scales. Splitting, going my own way, are the route of those who are unlikely to […]

Values system collapse in my country

I don’t know the situation in other countries in Africa, but what I could witness here in my country is a complete collapse of values system. Values like honesty, integrity, accountability, professionalism, stewardship, loyalty, commitment, faithfulness, dependability, code of honor, etc. have completely disappeared in the society. From the head of state to the street […]