Hit and Run

That’s the new trend here with ladies on the dating market. Maybe that’s something old, I’m only getting to know.

The trick is simple. The lady takes advantage of a man interest in her to ask for money, a new phone, etc. from the man. Once the man will give the money or buy the phone, the lady will ghost him, block or take distance, looking for another man to crook.

Why am I writing this?

I’ve heard so much about this from friends and connection but never experienced it. But recently I lost my virginity. I got in that trap from a young lady in town.

It was amusing to see, but it got ya to reflect!

I guess, there might be some similar behavior from men, promising heaven and paradises to girls, and once they’d sleep with them they don’t fulfill their promise, and run away to another lady to abuse.

It’s a very sad state of affairs here, regarding relationships. Everyone is sleeping with everyone, and in most case every man or woman would be in two or three relationships simultaneously. Multiple partners is kind of the norm, not the exception.

Marriage has disappeared and single moms thing has become the majority.

The dating market is red blooded, roomed with cynical and deceptive behaviors, everyone looking for a serious relationship but everyone giving everyone good reasons not to trust his or her next encounter.

As for me, I don’t understand why people have become so stone hearted these days.

Is that modernity?

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