We all love innovation

Innovation drives progress.
But if you want innovation in the world, you have to start by self-reinventing yourself. You have to become a new person, a reborn.

Innovate yourself!

Innovation means taking the old, the known and turning it into something new, a breakthrough perspective.

Like it’s said somewhere, you have to be reborn to get into the kingdom. But this time you are the mother and the newborn you.

The peaceful name for the process is renaissance and the hurried way is called revolution.

Using a software metaphor, I’d say debug yourself before trying to debug society.

Personal renaissance or personal revolution should precede your big plan for worldly renaissance or revolution.

Innovate yourself!

Those who wants to change the world without changing themselves first are often tyrannical people.

Because self reinvention is more difficult, we delude ourselves into harmful projects to change the world to fit our laziness, our shortcomings, our ill conceived ideas of the world.

Instead of in-novating themselves they are re-novating themselves with L’Oréal, because makeup is easier!

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