The last brave day of a girl?

I have Just Witnessed a scene on the street of Lomé in Togo.

A 9 years old girl was insulted by a boy much younger than her. She swiftly moved to give him a physical correction he well deserved.

The small boy got scared, ran to hide behind his bigger brother. The girl went after him confident to clean her honor. She was now barred by 3 boys. That alone won’t stop my valiant girl.

She is now alone in front of the 3 boys, but determined to punish the small boy.

The big boy in the group told the girl: “Do you think you’ll beat a boy?”.

The girl won’t answer such a stupid question, but moved her arm to push the disrespectful boy.

The situation got very tense. I intervened to ask them to stop the fight.

Two adult ladies sitting just over the street yelled at my brave girl “you are girl, do you think you’ll beat a boy? Tchuannn!”.

The girl moved away, probably internalizing the saying that girl can’t beat boys.

Was it the last brave day of that girl in front of boys?

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